How To Troubleshoot If Netstat Not Recognized Error on Window 10?

Sometimes, the users face the issue if Netstat Not recognized error in Window 10. To fix this issue, you should make sure you enter the command properly and also check Environment variables. But if the user need assistance, then tap on Microsoft via

Method To Fix If Netstat Not Recognized Error on Window 10:

1.  Check you Enter the Command Correctly:

First, you need to press Windows Key + S altogether and then enter command prompt. After this, you should choose Command Prompt from the list of results. Now, you should enter the following command and then tap on Enter key:


At last, you will view the results.

2. Start Netstat by Input its Full Path:

You will hit Window key + S together and then input Command Prompt. Now, choose Command Prompt from the list of option. Then, you will start Command Prompt and if the Command Prompt starts, then you should run the following command:


Lastly, you will view the results on the computer screen.

3. Add New System Environment Variable:

You should hit on the magnifying glass taskbar button in Windows 10. Now, you have to input the keyword environment in the search tool which opens on your computer screen. Then, you should hit on Edit the system environment variables. At this point, you should tap on Environment Variables button. Here, you need to choose Path in the System variables box. Next, you have to tap on Edit button. After this, you should check if the value is available:


If in case it is not available, then you should hit on the New button which is there in the Edit environment variable window. Then, you have to enter this new variable new variable:


At this point, you should press OK button. Lastly, you should tap on OK button to close the Environment Variables window.

4. Open Netstat from its Folder:

You should hit on the File Explorer button which is there in the taskbar. After this, you should copy the folder path with the Ctrl + C hotkey:


Now, you should paste the path in File Explorer’s folder bar just by hitting Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut. At this point, you should type Netstat in the search box. Lastly, you should hit on NETSTAT.EXE in order to open the command-line utility.

5. Verify if Netstat is in the Recycle Bin:

If incase, the user cannot be able to find the NETSTAT.EXE in its folder, then you should hit on the Recycle Bin icon in your computer system. Now, you should enter Netstat in the Recycle Bin’s search box. Then, you have to select NETSTAT.EXE in the Recycle Bin. At last, you should hit on Restore the selected items option.

With this, above mentioned method you can fix the issue if Netstat not Recognized Error in Window 10. If the user require any kind of assistance, then you should navigate to the site of MS Office via

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