How To Troubleshoot If Distorted Display on Window 10?

If the user’s computer display is blurry or distorted on Window 10, then this is because of GPU related issues. To fix this issue, you should update your Operating System and display drivers. If the user needs more info, then visit to Microsoft via In this post, you will learn the method to fix if Distorted Display on Window 10.

Method To Fix If Distorted Display On Window 10:

1. Install Latest Windows Updates:

First, you need to open the Settings app. Then, you should go to Update and Security section. After this, you need to tap on Check for updates button.

2. Install Latest Drivers:

For this, you should press Win Key + S at the same time and then search for Device Manager. Now in Device Manager, you should look for the device which you want to update. After this, just right-click on it and then choose Update driver.

3. Install Drivers in Compatibility Mode:

You should right-click on the driver setup file and then choose Properties option from the menu. After this, you should go to the Compatibility tab and then check Run this program in compatibility mode and here, just select the operating system from the list. At last, press OK button to save changes. For more information, just hit on

4. Reinstall Default Display Driver:

You should press Windows + X key in order to open Win + X menu. Now, you should select Device Manager from the list. If Device Manager opens up on your screen, then you should expand Display adapters section and just double click your display adapter. If the Properties window opens up on your screen, then go to Driver tab and hit on Roll Back Driver button.

The user can resolve this issue just by rolling back to an older display driver. In case, the Roll Back option isn’t available, then you should remove the driver. For this, you should start Device Manager. After this, you should find your display driver and just right click on it. Here, just choose Uninstall device from the menu. At this point, you should check Delete the driver software for this device option and then tap on Uninstall button. When the driver is removed, you should restart your PC. If PC restarts, then Windows will automatically install default driver and then issue will be solved.

5. Set Custom Refresh Rate:

You need to open Nvidia Control Panel. Then in the Display category, you should select Change Resolution. After this, you should tap on Customize option. At last, you should tap on Create Custom Resolution and then just set a different refresh rate or the user can try different resolution.

6. Change Output Color Depth:

First, you need to open Nvidia Control Panel. After this, you should go to Display and then click on Change Resolution. Now, you should scroll down and then select Use Nvidia color settings. At this point, you should change Output color depth from 12 bpc to 8 bpc. Lastly, you should tap on Apply option to save changes.

The above method help the user to troubleshoot the issue Distorted Display on Window 10. If the customer wants more details, then hit on

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