How to Troubleshoot If Cortana Reminders Not Working in Window 10?

Window 10 has very useful feature of Cortana but sometimes users face issue like Cortana reminder not working in Window 10. To resolve this problem, the user must read the below blog. For more assistance, tap on

Method To Fix If Cortana Reminders Not Working in Window 10:

1. Check Cortana’s Reminders Section:

To fix this, you should check if you saved any reminders or not. For this, you should open Cortana and then just open the reminders section. Now, you will view the list of reminders which you set. If incase, you find the list is empty, then this means you have set no reminders at all.

2.  Turn Calendar on:

If you do not get notifications according to the date and time, then this means your reminders calendar is off. For this, you should visit to Calendar and then search for the settings. Now in the display, you should visit to Remind me and then tick the checkbox next to Reminders.

3. Check Antivirus Configuration:

Sometimes, antivirus programs interfere in your computer works and disable Cortana. To check this, you should disable your antivirus for some minutes and then check if Cortana works. It is advised you should install the antivirus which gives toughest protection against malware and optimize your PC performance.

4. Check your Account Settings:

For this, you should open the start menu and then open Settings. After this, visit to the Accounts section and then open it. Now, you should open the Family & Other Users settings and then tap on Add someone else to this PC. Through this way, you can add a new user to your Computer with the Outlook account.

5. Turn Location on:

The user should open the start menu and then you need to open Settings. After this, you should open the Privacy section in the Settings and then you will go to new screen. At last, tap on Location and then just turn it on from the slider.

6. Check Regional Settings:

First of all, you should open Settings. After this, you should visit to Region & Language. Then under the Country or Region drop-down menu, you need to choose one of the supported regions/countries. Here, you should visit to Speech. Now under Speech language drop-down menu, you should choose one of the supported languages. At last, just Restart your device and then you will find that the Cortana is there on the taskbar when the system is up.

7. Run Apps Troubleshooter:

The customer should visit to Settings. After this, you should go to Update & Security and then hit on Troubleshoot. Now, you need to find Windows Store apps and then hit on Run the troubleshooter. Lastly, just follow the on-screen instructions and then Restart your device.

8. Reset Cortana:

To reset Cortana, you should visit to Search and then write powershell. After this, you should run Windows PowerShell as administrator. If PowerShell begins, then you should run the command:

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest­.xml

With this method, you can fix the issue if Cortana reminders not working in Window 10. For more detailed information, go to