How To Troubleshoot “Excel Not Responding” Issue?

MS Excel is the wonderful app of MS Office which you can install through  But sometimes Excel not responds. This error mainly occurs if you have not installed latest updates, if the Excel application is used by another process, if there is pre-installed Add-ins and also if there is outdated Antivirus software. In this blog, you will read the solution of Excel Not Responding issue.

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Solution To Fix Excel Not Responding Issue:

1: Open Excel in Safe Mode:

 To fix Microsoft Excel is not responding Issue, first you have to press the Windows + R button at the same time just to open the run dialogue box. Then in the Run window, you should type excel.exe /safe and then tap on the Enter key. It will open MS Excel in the Safe Mode. After this, you should again open the Non-responsive Excel File. When the file opens up, then you should save the data to another excel file.

2: Install Latest Update:

This error occurs when you have not installed the latest Windows and Office Updates.  So, you must install the latest updates on your computer system. If you have not installed, then you should go to the Control Panel and then just click on the System and Security. After this, you should set it to the Automatic Mode just by Start Maintenance option.

3: Recompile Macros:

If you use problematic Macros, then this results in not responding issue.  To fix it, you should open the MS Excel and then go to the Developer option. After this, you should select Visual Basic. Now, you have to go               to the Tools and then select Options. When you open the Options window, you should click on the General tab and then clear the ‘Compile on Demand’. Then, you should use the Project navigation pane and then just right-click on the Module and after this, select ‘Insert’ to insert a new module. At the end, you should save the excel file and then close the MS office application.

 4: Disable Add-Ins:

First, you should open the Excel file in safe mode. After this, you should click on the File option which is located at the top left side of the screen and then click on the Excel Options button. Now, you have to click on the Add-ins option which is located at the side menu. Then, you have to select Excel Add-ins and then click on the Go button just to open the Add-Ins selection window. At this point, you should disable all the Add-Ins which is there in your system. For this, you should unmark the box which is present along with the active Add-Ins. At the end, you should save the changes just by clicking on the OK button. And then just reboot Microsoft Excel.

5: Change the Default Printer:

You should open the Control Panel and then you have to click on the Printer and Devices. After this, you should set Printer to default, and then right click on the Microsoft XPS Document Writer. At the end, you should open the Excel File again to check the issue.

6: Fix Microsoft Office:

If Microsoft Excel is not responding, then you should fix the damaged or inaccessible program files. For this, you should go to the Control Panel of your system by clicking on Start button and then select Windows System. After this, you need to click on the Control Panel. And then from the Control Panel window, you should click on the Program and Features. On the next Window, you should right-click on the Microsoft Office and then you have to click on the Repair option.

The above method helps to fix the Microsoft Excel Not responding Issue. For details, just go to the site of MS Office via  

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