How to Troubleshoot Dism.exe Error 1392 on Window Computer?

In case, the user encounters Dsim.exe error code 1392 on Window Computer. So, to fix this issue you should perform SFC Scan or you can use any reliable antivirus. If the customer needs help, then visit to Microsoft via

Method To Fix Dism.exe Error 1392:

  1. Temporarily Disable Antivirus:

For this, you should go to your taskbar which is next to the clock and then tap on the antivirus security software icon and just right-click on it. Lastly, you should select the option to disable.

2. Perform SFC Scan:

You should hit on Start and then visit to the search field box and then write CMD. After this, you need to visit to Command Prompt. And then Right-click on it and then choose Run as Administrator. Now, you should write sfc/scannow and tap on Enter key.

3. Clean out Junk Files:

When you regularly use your computer system, then junk files store in your device. But if the user do not cleaned out, then it will slow down your computer. And it will results in dism.exe error 1392 because of file conflicts, or overloaded hard drive. Hence, it is advised you should use CCleaner to improve your PC performance and speed.

4. Run Check disk to Fix Disk Errors:

For this, you need to right-click on Start. Then, you need to choose Command Prompt (Admin). Now, you have to type the command: chkdsk /f h: and then hit on Enter. For more info, just hit on

5. Scan your Computer for Malware:

The dism.exe error 1392 occurs because of malware infection in your computer system. It will damage, corrupt, or delete the runtime error-related files. Hence, it is advised you should do a full malware scan of your device with the reliable antivirus.

6. Perform System Restore:

For this, you should tap on Start. Now, you should visit to the search field box and then write System Restore. Then, you have to hit on Create a restore point in the list of search results. Here, you should enter your administrator account password or you can grant permissions if it asks. Next in the System Restore dialog box, you should tap on System Restore. After this, you should click on Next and then tap on a restore point which you have created before. At this point, you should tap on Next and then hit on Finish.

If you want to go back to a restore point, then you should right-click on Start. After this, you should select Control Panel. Then in the control panel search box, you should type Recovery. Now, you should select Recovery. Here, you have to hit on Open System Restore. At this point, you should tap on Next. You should select the restore point which is related to the problematic program and then hit on Next and just tap on Finish.

The above method will help you to fix Dism.exe error 1392. If the user wants any kind of detail, then you should go to

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