How To Stop MS Edge Chromium from Installing Automatically on Window 10?

Microsoft Edge is web browser of Microsoft. And the latest version of Microsoft Edge depends upon the Chromium engine which is running on Windows 10 and this new version will change the legacy version. But in case, you do not want Microsoft Edge Chromium on Window 10 then you can read this blog. If you need any kind of technical assistance then you can call the expert of Microsoft team anytime via In this article, you will through which ways you can stop Microsoft Edge from installing automatically on window 10.

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Prevent Installing Microsoft Edge Chromium via Blocker Toolkit:

You can easily stop Edge Chromium from installing the Windows update just by using the Microsoft Blocker Toolkit.

Easy Way to Get the Blocker Toolkit:

If you want the Blocker Toolkit, then you have to open the Microsoft support website. Now, you should click on the Blocker Toolkit link option. Then, you should double click on MicrosoftEdgeChromiumBlockerToolkit.exe which you have downloaded before. After this, you have to hit on the Yes option. Then, you should click on the Browse option. Here, you should choose the folder just to remove files. Now, you should click on OK option and again press on the OK option.

Apply Microsoft Edge Blocker:

If in case, you want to use Microsoft Edge Blocker, then you should go to Start option. And then you have to search for the Command Prompt. Then just right-click on the search result, and then you should choose Run as administrator button. Here, you should insert a command to go to a removed folder and then just click on Enter key


After this, you should insert the command to avoid Windows Update from downloading it and then you have to click on Enter key.

EdgeChromium_Blocker.cmd /b

After completing the process, the Microsoft Windows Update will not download the latest version of Edge.

Stop Windows Update From Installing Edge Chromium through Registry:

For this, you have to go to the Start option and then you have to search for Regedit. After this, you have to click on the result just to launch Registry. Here, you have to browse the given location:


Then, you have to right-click on Microsoft key. After this, you should choose New, and then you should click on Key. Now, you have to choose the name of the key EdgeUpdate and then just click on Enter key. Then you have to right-click on created key. Here, you have to choose New, and then just click on DWORD Value. Now, you have to choose the name of key DoNotUpdateToEdgeWithChromium and then just click on the Enter key. After this, double click on the currently created DWORD and then you should set value from 0 to 1. Now, you should press the OK option. Once the process finishes, Microsoft Edge depending on Chromium will not download and install on your PC.

The above procedure will stop Microsoft Edge Chromium from installing automatically on Window 10. For more information about MS Edge, you can go to the site via

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