How to Share Video on YouTube Channel?

YouTube is the famous video-sharing platform in which you can see free online videos on different topics like you can learn geometry, watch cookery shows, watch any kind of music and you can also see the product review etc. There enormous videos available on YouTube and people used to watch maximum hours of video every day. The video on YouTube available in different languages and it covers more than 95 percent of the world population. You can share the link of the YouTube video on MS Office applications and you can install MS Office applications through You can watch these videos on your Android Phones, Laptop, Computers and Tablets etc. In this blog, you will learn how to share videos on You Tube.

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Share Videos On YouTube:

  • Create A YouTube Channel:

For creating a You Tube Channel, first you have to sign in to YouTube through a computer or from Android Phone. Then you have to select your profile picture icon on the top-right hand side of the screen. After this, you just have to select the option Create a Channel. Now you have to select Get Started option. Here, you have to follow all the instruction to name your YouTube channel, by using your name then just enter it. Now you have to check the box to confirm, for creating a channel, and then you just select Create option. After this, follow the instructions to add a profile picture and write the channel description. You can add links to other social sites. Here you have to select Save and Continue. Now you can upload the videos to YouTube.

  • Upload a Video to Your YouTube:

For uploading a Video, first you have to Sign in to YouTube Studio to reach your Channel Dashboard. Now on the right-hand side of the screen, you have to select Create option. After this, you have to choose Upload video. Here, just select the file which you want to upload and just select Upload option. Now you have to add a title, description, and thumbnail image for your You Tube video. Here you can add video to a playlist and can also add age restrictions. You can also choose More Options like you can add tags, change language settings, recording date and location and can also choose comment settings etc. After this, you have to select Next option. You can add cards and end screens just to show your viewers related videos, and websites. Now you have to select Next option. The video should of at least 25 seconds. Here you can select Save or Publish option and then select your video to be Public, Private or Unlisted. In this, you can also set a time for your YouTube video to go live and for this you can select Schedule. Now you have uploaded and scheduled your YouTube video.

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