How To Resolve Window 10 Yellow Tint Display Issues?

After the Window 10 updates, if your monitor is showing yellow tint display then you should check the lightning settings and also adjust the color enhancement settings. For information, tap on In this blog, you will read the method to fix Window 10 Yellow Tint Display Issues.

Method to Fix Window 10 Yellow Tint Display Issues:

1. Switch off Night Light Setting:

For this, you need to tap on the Type here to search button in the Windows 10 taskbar. After this, in Cortana’s search box you should input the keyword display. Then, you have to choose Change display settings in order to open the Settings window. At last, you should toggle the Night Light option off, if in case it is on.

2. Update Graphics Card Driver:

There are many display issues which can be fixed by updating the graphics card drivers. For this, you should use driver updater software in Windows or a third-party driver updater like DriverFix. With this, you can automatically update drivers and protect PC from getting damaged through wrong driver versions. This software will scan your device and update the outdated driver. It helps to download the latest device drivers to fix the issue.

3. Add New Default Color Profile:

First in Cortana’s search box, you should enter the keyword color management. After this, you should choose Color Management in order to open the window. From the Device drop-down menu, you should choose your VDU. Here, you need to choose the option Use my settings for this device. And then you have to tap on Add button in order to open the window. At this point, in the Color Profile Window you should choose the sRGB virtual device model profile and then tap on OK button. Lastly in the Color Management window, you should choose the sRGB virtual device model profile and then tap on Set as Default Profile button.

4. Adjust Color Enhancement Settings:

It is possible that your graphics card’s color settings are not at their default configuration. Hence, you should restore color settings to default as this will fix the issue. The user can configure color settings with a graphics card’s configuration utility. If you want to configure Intel color settings, then you should right-tap on the desktop and then choose Graphics Properties – Display and Color Enhancement in order to open the options. It is advised you should look for options on NVIDIA and AMD control panels and then you have to restore the color settings to default.

5. Check VDU’s OSD Color Settings:

Generally, desktop VDUs has additional color control settings. In the desktop’s VDU OSD menu, it has contrast, gamma, hue, saturation, color temp and also the color tint options. Hence, you should check that your monitor’s OSD color settings are configured and then make the adjustments. If the user cannot be able to fix the issue then you should return the VDU to the manufacturer for repairs if the VDU is in   the warranty period.

Through this method, you can fix the issue Window 10 Yellow Tint Display Issues. For more detailed information, visit to MS Office via