How To Resolve Wi-Fi Network Not Showing Up on Window 10?

MS Office is the very useful software in today’s world. And you can install this trusted and useful software in your device through You can use this software on Windows, Mac, Computers, Laptops and Android Phones. But in case you face error like if Wi-Fi not showing up on Window 10. So, in this blog you will read the solution to resolve Wi-Fi Network Not Showing Up on Window 10.

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Solutions to Resolve Wi-Fi Network Icon Not Showing up on Windows 10:

  • Restart your Router/Modem:

 First, you have to turn off your Wi-Fi router and then just unplug the power source from it. Now, you should wait for 10-20 seconds and then again you have to connect to the power cable to the router. After this, you should switch on the router and then just connect your device. At last, just check the error still persists or not.

  • Disable and Again Enable your Wi-Fi Network:

    For this, you should press Windows Key+ R to launch Run dialog box, and then you have to type “ncpa.cpl” and press Enter key. After this, you should select the Wi-Fi network option and then just right-click on it. Now, you should click on Disable option. Here, you should wait for a few seconds and then again click on the Disabled network. After this, you should click on Enable just to make the Wi-Fi network enable on your device. At the end, check the error still persist or not.

    • Run Troubleshooter To Check Network Connections:

    You should press Windows Key + I just to open Settings and then you have to click on Update & Security option or you can also go to settings option just by clicking on the right side of the status bar. After this, you should select Troubleshoot which is on the left-hand side of the screen. Then, you should click on Internet connections which is under the troubleshoot option.Now, you should click on run troubleshooter. At this point, you should follow all the directions which are given on your computer screen. In case, the error still not fixed then you should click on Network Adapter from the troubleshooter menu.After this, you should click on Run the troubleshooter. At the end, you should restart your computer system to save the changes.

    • Uninstall Wi-Fi Driver and Again Reinstall It:

     To uninstall Wi-Fi Driver, you have to press Windows key+ R key to open Run dialog box. Now, just type “devmgmt.msc” and tap on Enter key. After this, the Device Manager Utility will open.

    Then, just you should look for the Network Adapter option in the device manager and just click on it. This will show you all the available drivers. You should click right on the Wi-Fi network and then just click on uninstall driver. This will uninstall the Wi-Fi Driver.

    To Install the Wi-Fi Driver, you have to reboot your computer system and then you will see the windows will automatically install the uninstall Wi-Fi driver. But sometimes after reboot, the window doesn’t install the Wi-Fi driver itself. So, in this case you should install the Wi-Fi driver yourself. Here, you should click on the Device Manager option and then just choose Action option under it. After this, just click on Action option and then just click on Scan for hardware changes. This will help you to find the uninstall driver and then again just install it on your device.

    This method will help you to resolve the error Wi-Fi Network Not Showing up on Window 10. In case, you still find any issues then just go to the site of Microsoft via for technical assistance.