How To Resolve White Screen of Death Errors on Window 10 and 11?

In some cases, customers face White Screen of Death error on Window 10 and 11 due to hardware failures and software issues. In this blog, you will read the method to resolve White Screen of Death errors in Window 10 and 11. For info, go to

Method To Resolve White Screen of Death Errors on Window 10 and 11:

1. Force-restart your Windows 10 system:

If the user get the error while booting their computer and the Windows log-in page do not displayed, then to fix this issue you should force-restart. If issue occurs due to app or with system glitch, then a fresh restart will fix everything. You can do this, by pressing the Power key for a few seconds so that your device completely shutdown. Again, boot your Windows 10 device and check the problem is solved.

2. Remove Peripherals connected via USB:

To fix this issue, you should remove the peripherals which are connected via USB. The users face this issue due to external device. Hence, you should first disconnect everything from your computer system and also unplug keyboard and mouse. After this, you should force-restart your computer. If your Windows starts normally, then connect your peripherals one by one.

3. Go to Safe Mode:

For this, you should tap on Win+R hotkeys together. Then in the RUN box, you should type msconfig and then tap on Enter key. Now, the System Configuration window will appear on your computer. From here, go to Boot tab. Then under Boot Options, you should choose Safe Boot. The user can choose Network, if they wish to use the Internet connection. At last, reboot your device.

4. Update Graphic Driver:

First of all, you should right-tap on the Windows Start icon. Then from the list, you should tap on Device Manager. Now in Device Manager, you should find the entry for graphic cards and just extend it. Here, you should right tap on each driver and then choose Update driver. At last, you should wait so that the driver is updated and just reboot your system.

5. Apply Windows Update:

To apply Window update, you should press Win+I hotkeys altogether. Then from System Settings, you should tap on Update & Security. Now from the next window, you should go to Update tab. The pending updates will appear in the right side of the main window. In case, a new patch is there then follow the instructions and just apply it. Lastly, reboot your computer system.

6. Remove Installed Windows Update:

From the Update window, the user should tap on the View installed update history link. Then in the next page, you should tap on Uninstall updates. At last, you should choose the Windows patch which you wish to remove.

7. Use System Restore Point:

When the user gets this error after login, then you should use a restore point. The user can restore their Windows system to a functional state.

Keep in mind if you select this method, then everything which is installed after this restore point will be lost.

With this method, the user can fix White Screen of Death Error in Window 10 and 11. For help, go to