How to Resolve Transaction Cannot Be Completed on Google Play Store?

Google Play Store allows you to purchase your favorite apps, e-books, and music etc. You can also download and install your favorite apps from Google Play Store with just one single click. You just have to choose the app which you want to buy, and then click on it, and just confirm the purchase. But sometimes the user encounters the problem like “Transaction cannot be completed” error in the Google Play Store. In this blog, you will read the solution of Transaction Cannot be Completed. In case, you cant be able to solve it, then you can contact to the Microsoft team for assistance through

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Resolve Transaction Cannot Be Completed on Google Play Store:

  • Clearing the Data and Cache for Google Play Store:

For this, first you have to visit to the Settings app of the device. Then, you have to select the option of Apps. After this, you have to choose ‘Google Play Store’ from the apps list and then click on the option of Storage. Now, you have to click on clear the cache data.

  • Removing The Previous Method and Make a Purchase With Different Method:

For this, first you have to open the Google Play Store on the Android phone. Then you have to select the menu icon. Now just move down and you have to select the payment method option. Here you have to click on More payment settings. After this, you just have to select the Remove button under your card name. Now just reboot the device. After you restart your device, again launch the Google Play Store and then go to the option of payment methods. Here, you have to add a new payment method. When you save the data, then you can make a transaction.

  • Delete Existing Google Account and Again Sign in:

First you should open the Settings on the device. Then you have to select the ‘User and Accounts’ option. After this, just choose the Google option and click on Remove button which is at the bottom of the screen. Now you have to restart the device. Here just head to the ‘Users and Accounts settings’ and then click on the Add account option. Now, click on Google and then just enter the sign-in details of the account. After this, just open Google Play Store, and then try to make a transaction.

  • Install Application Again:

You should open the Settings app and just click on the Apps field. After this, look for the app which is showing error and just click on it. Now you have to click on the Uninstall button. When you delete the app, you have to download the application again from the Google Play Store. Now, restart the application and try to make the purchase again.

This method will fix the issue Transaction cannot be completed on Google Play Store. But in case, you are facing the issue then you can contact to the customer care team of Microsoft through