How to Resolve Photos Error Code 0x887A0005 in Window 10?

Photos are generally, the default image viewer app through which you can create and export videos. This issue occurs because of faulty drivers and hardware accelerated encoding issues. But if the user still need to resolve issues then visit to Microsoft via In this article, you will read the method to fix Photos Error Code 0x887A0005.

Method To Resolve Photos Error Code 0x887A0005 in Window 10:

  1. Update your PC’s graphics card drivers:

Generally, Window Errors and bugs occur because of the incompatible drivers. In order to fix this issue, you should update your Computer drivers just to export video. The user should scan the computer with driver updater software as it will gives the information of outdated GPU drivers and allow you to update them. You can also use the automatic driver updater tool i.e. DriverFix which will automatically download and install the right version of drivers.

2. Run the Troubleshooter:

For this, first you should open the Start menu. Then, you should hit on Settings in your Start menu just to open the app. After this, you should hit on Update & Security and then just Troubleshoot to open the options. Now, you need to tap on Additional troubleshooters just to open the list of Windows 10 troubleshooters. At this point, you should choose Windows Store Apps in the list and then hit on Run the troubleshooter button. After running the troubleshooter, you should restart your Computer system.

3. Reset Photos:

You should go to the search tool in Windows 10 just by tapping on the magnifying glass taskbar button. Now, you need to type the keyword apps in the search utility. Then, you have to hit on Apps & feature in the search tool’s results in order to open the window. After this, you should select the Microsoft Photos app. At this point, you should hit on Advanced options just to open the Reset button. Now, tap on the Reset button. Again, you should hit on the Reset button which is there in the confirmation box which displays on your screen. At last, you can also press the Repair button if incase, resetting Microsoft Photos do not work.

4. Reinstall Photos:

First, you have to open the search box just by tapping on taskbar button. If the user wants to locate the Command Prompt, then you should enter cmd in the search utility. Now, you need to open the Command Prompt just by tapping its Run as administrator option which is located on the right side of Windows 10’s search tool. Then, you have to type the text in the Command Prompt:

get-appxpackage *Microsoft.Windows.Photos* | remove-appxpackage

After this, you should tap on the Return key in order to uninstall Photos with this command. Next, you need to Restart your laptop when you uninstall Photos. Now, you have to open the Microsoft Photos app page in your web browser. Then, you should hit on Get button on the Photos app page. At this point, you should choose Open Microsoft Store option. Lastly, you should tap on Get button in MS Store in order to install Photos.

Through this way, the user can resolve Photos Error Code 0x887A0005. If the customer needs help, then visit to the site of Microsoft via

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