How to Resolve Office 365 Error Code 0x80004005?

Microsoft Office is used widely known software all over the country. It is developed by Microsoft and utilized in all the organizations, firms, offices and homes. You can install this trusted software through Its cloud storage helps to store data online and you can also manage and share it with your colleagues. It has application like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher applications. This Office suite is extremely helpful and well-programmed as it makes the work of the user easy. But some user encounter issues like Office 365 Error Code 0x80004005 while installing MS Office. In this blog, you will read the reasons and solution of the Office Error Code 0x80004005. You can also take assistance from the MS Office technical support team anytime.

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Identify the Office 365 Error Code 0x80004005:

You will face this error while installing, opening or uninstall Microsoft Office. When you open MS Office, it will take more time than the usual time to open.

Reason for This Error Code 0x80004005:

The error commonly occurs due to Corrupt Windows registry files, Virus and malware infection cause this issue, Corrupt or Damaged system files, Invalid system settings, Installed third-party program and Firewall, Incomplete installation, unstable Internet connection and also Junk files results in this error.

Solution to Fix the Office 365 Error Code 0x80004005:

  • Turn off Proxy Settings:

For this, first you have to go on the Tools button and then just click on it. Now, you have to select Internet Options. Then, you have to click the Connections tab. After this, you have to select LAN settings. If you want to use proxy server for your LAN then you have to uncheck the checkbox. Now on the Internet Explorer Proxy Settings just click on OK button so that you return to the Internet Explorer browser. Here you will see that the proxy settings will be disabled now.

  • Delete Temporary Files:

For this, open your computer and go to Start button. Now you have to click on the system drive and then just select properties. Here just go to the general tab and you have to click Disk Cleanup. You have to scroll down in the files and select Temporary Files. After this, you have to click OK button and then just click Yes button to confirm the deletion. Now you have to close the system drive Properties dialog box.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall Office:

For this, first you have to click on the Start button. Now you have to click on Control Panel and then just select Programs option. After this, you have to choose Programs and Features. From here, you have to select Office suite and then click on Uninstall option. After uninstalling, you again have to try installing Office on your device.

This method will help you to resolve Office 365 Error Code 0x80004005. In case, if you still have any issues then you can visit to the site of MS Office through

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