How To Resolve If Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on Laptop?

Sometimes, the user faces issues Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on laptop this is a result of bad network and router setting. To fix this issue, you should uninstall some apps. For more help, customer should go to Microsoft via In this published post, you will read the solution to fix Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting Laptop.  

Method To Resolve If Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on Laptop:

  1. Change Channel on your Router:

If incase, your Wi-Fi gets disconnected then you should switch to a different channel. Every router can operate on different channel, so if there are more routers on the same channel then it will interfere with each other. In this way, your wireless adapter will connect to other wireless networks that are on the same channel. To fix this issue, you should change your wireless channel. For this, go to your router’s configuration page and then visit to Wi-Fi section and then just change the channel number.

2. Disable Roaming Sensitivity

For this, you should type control panel in the search box and then select Control Panel from the list of results. After this, you should locate and then tap on Network and Sharing Center. Here, the Network and Sharing Center window will open on the screen. Now in the left side, you should tap on Change adapter settings. At this point, the list of network connections will display on your screen. Then, you have to right-click on your wireless connection and just select Properties from the menu. If the Properties window opens, then you should tap on Configure. After this, you should go to Advanced tab and then choose Roaming Sensitivity. Lastly, you should set it to Disabled and then tap on OK and Apply button to save changes.

3. Use Network Troubleshooter:

For this, in the home screen in search box you need to write Troubleshooting. After this, you should open Troubleshoot settings. Then, you should tap on Additional troubleshooters. At last, you should hit on Internet Connections in order to run the troubleshooter.

4. Uninstall Network Card Device:

 You should write Device Manager in the home screen search box and then hit on Enter key. Now, you should expand Network Adaptor and just right-click on Network Card. Lastly, you need to hit on Uninstall option and just restart the PC.

5. Remove Your security Software:

This error occurs because of your security software. As some antivirus will interfere with Windows and results in various issues. To fix this issue, you should disable your antivirus but disabling the antivirus will not solve the issue. Hence, you have to remove your antivirus software. Remember, uninstalling your antivirus software will not solve the problem as this will leave files and registry entries related to that antivirus which is installed in your device. Hence, you use a dedicated removal tool to remove your antivirus and all the files which are linked with it.

6. Change your Connection to Private:

You need to click on Windows Key + X together and then select Network Connections from the menu. After this, you should tap on Change connection properties. Now, you should enable Make this PC discover-able and then save changes.

Through this way, it will help the user to resolve this issue if Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on Laptop. To know more, visit Microsoft via

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