How to Resolve If Recycle Bin File Association Error Occurs in Window 10, 7?

If the user is facing Recycle Bin File Association Error then to fix it, the user has to delete all files in the Recycle Bin and perform full system scan. For the assistance, the customer can go to In this post, you will learn the solution to resolve if Recycle Bin File Association Error Occurs in Window 10, 7.

Method To Resolve If Recycle Bin File Association Error Occurs In Window 10, 7:

  1. Delete All Files From Recycle Bin:

If the user is facing Recycle Bin issue, then it is advised you should go to your Recycle Bin and just manually delete all the files in it.  For this, first you should open Recycle Bin and then you have to select all the items in it. In case, there are so any files then you should press Ctrl+ A at the same time in order to select all the files. When you select all the files, and then just delete it. This will solve the issue.

2. Initiate Full System Scan:

In case, you are getting Recycle Bin Error then it might be because of malware infection. As Malware change the settings of your PC and interfere in your system so it is advised you should initiate a full system scan. This scanning process will take some time according to the size of your hard drive. You should use reliable antivirus software which will stop malware threat from spreading in your device.

3. Add your Account to Administrators Group:

You need to tap on Windows + R key together and then input lusrmgr.msc. Then, just hit on Enter or OK button. After this, you should select Users from the left side of the screen. Now in the right side, you should double-click on your account. Here, you should go to Member Of tab and then tap on the Add button. Next in the Enter the object names to select field, you should enter Administrators. At this point, you should tap on Check Names button and then hit on OK option.

If you want to remove your user account from other groups, then you should first select Users group and then hit on the Remove button. At last, you should Save changes and then restart your PC. For information, tap on

4. By Using Command Prompt:

The user can fix this issue by using the Command Prompt. For this, you should press Windows Key + X together in order to open Win + X menu. Keep in mind the user can open this menu just by right-clicking on the Start button. After this, choose Command Prompt as Admin or PowerShell as Admin. If Command Prompt opens, then you should enter rd /s /q C:$Recycle.bin and then hit on Enter key. At this point, you will be asked that you wish to remove this directory, then you should type Y and then tap on Enter key.

5. Perform SFC Scan:

First, you need to start Command Prompt as an administrator. If Command Prompt opens up on your screen, then you should enter sfc /scannow and then tap on Enter key to run it. At this point, the SFC scan will start. Now, remember the scanning process will take minutes.

The above method will help you to fix Recycle Bin File Association Error in Window 10, 7. If the user requires help, then navigate to MS Office via

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