How To Resolve If Outlook Security Setting Not Configured?

Outlook application is the famous application of MS Office which is used to organize emails, calendar, and files in one app. If the computer user uses Outlook application then they must know its Security Mode should be configured in order to use Group Policy settings. Also, its security settings should be configured for the general health and safety of your Computer system. In this blog, you will read the method to fix the issue if Outlook Security setting not configured. If the customer needs any information about outlook application, then they can anytime visit to the official website of Microsoft Office through  

Method to Fix If Outlook Security Setting Not Configured:

1. Make Outlook Security Settings Compliant with Group Policies:

First of all, you have to press Start option. After this, you need to type in Registry Editor and then just open it. Now, you should visit to the following key:


At last, you should change the value of AdminSecurityMode’s REG_DWORD to 2.

2. Configure Outlook Security Settings for Personal Use:

1. Set Outlook as an Internet Zone:

For this, you should launch Outlook. After this, you should go to Tools. Here, you need toselect Options. At this point, you should go to the Security tab. Now under Secure content, you should choose Internet and then you need to press OK button. For more details, tap on

2. Customize Zone Settings:

You should launch Outlook and then visit to Tools. At this point, you should select Options. Now, you have to visit to the Security tab. Here under Secure content, you should choose Zone Settings and then press OK button. After this, you should choose Custom level and then select Enable option. Then, you need to choose prompt for all Active X, Java, and Scripting options and then press OK button.

3. Disable Program Access Warnings:

First, you should log in to Windows by using an account with administrator permissions. Here, only administrators can change this setting. For this, you should open Outlook and then click on File option. Now, you should visit to Options. At this point, in the Outlook Options window you should tap on Trust Center. After this, you should tap on Trust Center Settings. Then in the Trust Center window, you should tap on Programmatic Access. Here, you have to choose the option Never warn me about suspicious activity (not recommended). You will see it will disable the warning messages and then tap on OK button twice. With this method, you can disable displaying of warnings which states that a program is trying to access email address information or they are send messages on your behalf.

The above method will help you to fix the issue If Outlook Security Setting Not Configured. If the customer wants to know more about Outlook Application, you should visit to the official site of Microsoft Office via

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