How To Resolve Connectify Error During Driver Install?

Sometimes, users face Connectify error during Driver Install. This error occurs because of the third party antivirus which is blocking, so you should uninstall it. Hence, to solve this issue you should run a dedicated app and software uninstaller under Safe Mode. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix the issue Connectify Error during Driver Install. To know more, you can visit to Microsoft via

Method To Resolve Connectify Error During Driver Install:

  1. Delete Partial Installation:

If in case, the installation stopped in between then you should first clear the installed parts which the software managed to copy. After this, you should search for the Program Files and folder and just delete all files from there. If you again install it, then you have to do it on a clean slate. Here, you can also use a dedicated uninstaller which will clean all the remains from your drive.

2. Uninstall Third-party Antivirus:

This error occurs because of another application which blocks the driver installation. To fix this issue, the user has to uninstall the third party antivirus temporarily from their device.  

3. Run a dedicated file from the developer

For this, first you have to download the DriverInstallPermissionsFix.bat and then Save it on your drive. After this, you need to double tap to run the file. It will ask you for the administrator access and then you should grant it. At last, you should run the Connectify installer again. For information, the customer can go to

4. Check if Device Install Service is not Disabled:

First, you should type services in Windows search and then hit on Services app from the results. Now in this window, you need to scroll down to Device Install Service. Here, you should right-click on it and then select Properties. Then in the General tab, you should check if Startup type is not set to Disabled. At this point, you have to change it to any other option and then again run the Connectify installer. If incase, the Startup type was already Manual or Automatic, then you should go to the next solution.

5. Run Installer in Safe Mode:

For this, first you need to press the Windows key + R in order to open the Run dialog box. After this, you should enter msconfig and then hit on Enter key. Now, you should Switch to the Boot tab from the System configuration window. Here under the Boot options, you have to check for Safe Boot. Just under that option, you should check the Networking checkbox. At last, you need to Save your changes and then restart your computer system. When you restart, then your computer system will run in Safe Mode. Now, you should try to install Connectify and then exit the Safe Mode.

The above method will help you to resolve Connectify Error during Driver Install. If the user needs more information about this issue, then they should navigate to the Microsoft via

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