How To Repair Fading Monitor Screen Issues in Window 10?

Sometimes, user encounters fading monitor screen issues in Window 10. To fix this issue, you should run SFC Scan and then perform system restore. For detailed solution, you should read the method to fix Fading Monitor Screen issues in Window 10. For more detailed information, go to MS Office via

Method to Repair Fading Monitor Screen Issues in Window 10:

  • Perform a System Restart:

Sometimes, the users encounter the issues of fade monitor screen because of an unresponsive program or corrupted processes. In this situation, you can fix the issue by refreshing Windows 10 OS. For this, you should do a fresh restart just by rebooting your computer system. By rebooting your Windows 10 device, all its built-in features will restart. If something is causing the screen malfunction, then it will fix everything without using any troubleshooting steps.

  • Apply Windows 10 Updates:

First of all, you should tap on the Win+I hotkeys altogether at the same time. Now from the System Settings window, you need to tap on the Update & Security field. Here, you should tap on Windows update which is situated in the left side of the main window. In case, if Windows 10 update is available for your computer system, then the notification will be there on the screen. At this point, you should follow the on-screen prompts and just install the available patches. At last, reboot your device.

In case, fading screen monitor issue is there after a Windows 10 update, then you should remove the update just to resolves the problem. To remove the system update, go to the Windows Update page. And from there, you should scroll down and then tap on the Advanced options link. Here, you should choose View your update history option. At last, you have to choose which update you want to uninstall and then in the end, just reboot your computer system.

  • Update Graphic Drivers:

First of all, you should right-tap on the Windows Start icon. After this, from the list which appears on your screen, you should select Device Manager. Here from Device Manager, you should expand the Display Adapters entry. At this point, you should right-tap on your graphic drivers and then select Update Driver Software. Here, you should wait so that the update is applied. At last, you need to close Device Manager and then just reboot your Windows 10 OS.

The user can also use the driver updater software like DriverFix which has large driver databases and helps you to find the perfect driver for your hardware. This software is lightweight and automatic and also saves your time.

  • Reinstall Graphic Drivers:

The customer should access the Device Manager again. After this, you should expand Display Adapters option and then right-tap on your drivers. Now, you should select Uninstall option. Then, you have to close Device Manager and just reboot your computer system. Next on Startup, you will be asked to install the latest graphic drivers. At the end, you need to follow on-screen instructions and then finish the installation procedure.

The above method will help you to repair Fading Monitor Screen issues in Window 10. For more detailed information, the user should visit to the Microsoft official site via