How To Remove Watermarks in Word?

The user can easily remove a watermark from their Word documents by going to Settings. But, sometimes you cannot remove the watermark from your document. So for this, you should read the below method to remove Watermarks in Word. For help, visit to

Method To Remove Watermarks in Word:

  • Use Footer Section:

First, you should access the Footer section just by double-clicking on it. After this, you should choose the watermark and tap on Delete button. Remember, repeat this process for every section in your document.

  • Save Document As in XML Format:

For this, you should hit on the File and then tap on Save As button. After this, you should select a preferred file location, such as This PC to save your file. Now, you need to write a name in the provided File name section. Here, you need to tap on Save as type and then from the list, hit on Word XML and press Save button.

At this point, you should edit the file and in Notepad. After this, you should visit to where you have saved the Word document and then right tap on it and then select Open with Notepad. Now, you should find the watermark phrase just by pressing CTRL+F keys together on the keyboard. Next, you should remove the word/phrase without deleting the quotation marks. Then, you should search and remove again so that all occurrences are gone and tap on save button. At last, you need to Reopen the document with Word and then Save it as a Word document.

  • Work From The Header Section:

The user should double-tap on the header area in your document. After this, you should choose the watermark just by hitting on it and then tap on Delete button.

If you want to delete the resilient watermarks from header watermarks, then you should access the document’s header just by double-tapping on it. After this, visit to Home tab and then you need to expand Word’s Select drop down which is located on the right side. Here, you should choose Select Objects. At last, you should tap on the watermark in the Header Area and then tap on Delete button.

  • Use 4-way arrow:

 First, you should Turn off changes Tracking in Word. After this, you should open a section’s header just by double-tapping in the area. Now, you should move the cursor over letters to make up the Watermark till it changes into a 4-way arrow. Here, you should choose the watermark and tap on Delete button. The user should do this for all other sections.

  • Remove The Header/Footer:

You should open your document and then make sure the cursor is positioned in the Header area which has the watermark. After this, you should go to Insert and then select Header. Now, you should choose Remove Header. This will fix the issue.

You can try this method to remove the footer. For this, you should open the document. After this, you need to place the cursor in the footer area. Now, you should visit to Insert the Footer. At last, you should choose Remove Footer.

With this method, you can easily remove watermarks in Word. For help related to MS Word document, navigate to

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