How to Remove 268d3 Error in Window 10?

This Error 268d3 basically a scam in which the hackers trick the PC users to think that their devices have been infected with malware and to remove this error they should take remote technical support services. But in reality, this error is just an annoying adware. Hence, your device is not infected with virus or spyware. You may be getting annoying pop-up ads when launching your browser. Microsoft team just wants to inform their user about this error but if you want to know more just visit to the site of MS Office through

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Solution To Fix 268d3 Error in Window 10:

  1. Run a Scan Using Antivirus:

You should use an antivirus which detects and removes all adware which is interfering in the user activity. It also identifies and blocks the malware installed in your PC. It also helps in removing any unwanted apps, malicious hijacker programs or browser add-ons. It will scan your computer and gives you the list of suspicious apps to be removed. It will also mark the vulnerabilities which affect your device.

Use Malwarebytes:

You can use Malwarebytes which completely protect your device from malware. It is light, and simple tool which detects, cleans, and secures your system in real-time. It is a scanning tool which quickly identifies malware. Malwarebytes also has a adware removal tool – AdwCleaner which runs in the background to remove malicious programs and browser hijackers. You can easily download it from Malwarebytes website.

 Use Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool

You can use a Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) which keeps your computers free from malware. This tool detects and removes malware, and adware. Microsoft offers this tool on a monthly basis through Windows Update. You can download this tool from Microsoft’s website.

  • Remove Suspicious Programs:

First, you should open Start option and then you have to type Control Panel in the search box. After this, you should open the program and just go to Uninstall a program. Now just look at the installed programs and just select those programs which look suspicious. Then, you have to right-click on each of them and then select Uninstall option.  Here, you have to wait for sometime so that the Windows removes the suspicious programs and then you have to restart your computer system.

  • Reset your Browser to Default Settings:

Reset Edge

You should click on the three dots which is in the right-hand side of the computer screen. After this, you should scroll down to Settings option. Now, you have to search for Clear browsing data and then click on Choose what to clear. At this point, you have to select all the data categories listed there. And at last, you should click on Clear now option.

Reset Mozilla Firefox:

First, you have to open the browser’s menu and then just go to the Help section. After this, you have to select Troubleshooting Information. And at last, you have to click on Refresh Firefox.

Reset Google Chrome:

For this, you should click on the three-dot menu. And then you have to type Reset in the search box. After this, you should select Restore settings to their original defaults. At last, you should click on the Reset button to launch the process.

The above method will help you to prevent your device from adware. To know more, just go to the official site of Microsoft via

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