How to Print Email from iCloud Mail and Block a Sender in iCloud Mail?

From iCloud mail, you can access your emails and also manage your calendars and notes etc. If you want your email message on paper rather than on your computer screen. So, with the help of iCloud mail you can print a message as it on your computer screen. In this blog, you will read how to print an Email from iCloud Mail and block a sender in iCloud Mail. If you want any kind of help, then you can take assistance from Microsoft team via

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Print an Email From iCloud Mail:

If you want a printed copy of an email in iCloud Mail, then for this you should open the message in iCloud Mail. Now you have to ensure that the folder list is visible. In case, you do not see the folder list then you have to click on Show Mailboxes (>) in the message list’s header. After this, you have to click the Show Actions menu gear icon which is near the folder list’s located at the lower-left corner of the computer screen. Then you have to select Print option from the menu. Now you have to use your browser’s printing dialog to print the message.

To print a message, you have to open the iCloud Mail browser window. Then you have to double-click the message which you want to print in the iCloud Mail message list. Then you have to click the Show Actions menu gear icon in the message’s window. After this, just select Print from the menu. Now you have to use the printing sheet to print the email.

Block a Sender in iCloud Mail:

For this, you have to open a message from the sender which you want to block or you can block an address without a message from it. After this, the folder list is visible in iCloud Mail. In case, the list of mailboxes is not visible to you, then you have to press Show Mailboxes which is at the top of the message list. Now you have to select the Show Actions Menu gear icon which is located at the folder list. Here you have to select Rule from the menu and just press Add a Rule. Just ensure that the criterion for the new filter reads If a message is from. After this, you have to Enter the email address which you want to block. Then Move to Trash is selected under Then. Now you have to press Done option. And press Done again.

This method helps you to print message from iCloud mail and block senders in iCloud mail. But in case you want assistance from experts, then you can call the customer care executive of MS Office team from anywhere from any device. The experts are well trained and are available for the customers all the time. For more details, you can visit to the site of MS Office via