How to Manage Your Internet Explorer Favorites?

If the user wants to revisit the same site in Internet Explorer favorites, then they should save a favorite/bookmark in the browser. The user can return to it any time, if they want to immediately access that site again. In this blog, you will read the method to manage Internet Explorer Favorites.

Method to Manage Internet Explorer Favorites:

  • Create Favorites in Internet Explorer:

First, the user should locate the website which they want to add as a favorite. For this, you should enter the URL into the address bar. After this, you should choose the star which is located on the upper-right side of Internet Explorer. Now in the new window, you should select Add to favorites. At this point, you should name it anything you want. At this point, you should select where you to save the favorite just by clicking on the menu which is next to Create in. At the end, you need to choose Add option to make the new favorite.

  • Organize Favorites Into Folders:

For this, from the star menu you need to choose the arrow to the right and then select Organize favorites in order to open the bookmarks manager. After this, you should select New Folder and just name it. At this point, you should choose the favorite which you wish to organize into a folder and then just use the Move button in order to place it into a folder and then complete this process with OK button.

  • Editing Favorites in Internet Explorer:

The user should right-click on the favorite and then visit to Properties. Then, you will view the bookmark’s URL in the Web Document tab and here, you can change it if you want. Now in the General tab, you can rename Internet Explorer favorites.

  • Delete Favorites in Internet Explorer:

The user can delete favorites by right-clicking on the bookmark from the Favorites Bar and then choose Delete. You can also find the bookmark which is in the Organize Favorites window and then right-click on it just to find the Delete option. The user can also hit on the star icon which is located on the top right side of Internet Explorer, just right-click the favorite and then select Delete.

The user can open the C:\Users\[username]\Favorites folder and then just delete all the Internet Explorer favorites individually.

  • Export Internet Explorer Favorites:

First, you need to select the favorites icon (the star) which is located at the upper-right side of IE. Now use the down arrow, in order to select Import and export. After this, you should select Export to a file and then press Next. Then, you need to pick Favorites from the list and then choose Next. Here, you should choose the folder which you want to export and then press Next option. If you want to copy everything to a file, then you need to choose the folder which is located at the top known as Favorites. Here, you should use the Browse button in order to change where the bookmarks file is saved. At this point, you should choose Export option to finish the backup and just save the HTML file to the folder in which you want. At last, you can exit from the window or you can also use the Finish button to get back to Internet Explorer.

For more details about Internet Explorer, the user can go to Microsoft via

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