How to Make Excel Spreadsheet Gridlines Print Again?

Some of the Excel users want to print their spreadsheets with gridlines but sometimes spreadsheet cannot be printed. To print gridlines, it is very essential that your device drivers are properly updated. In this blog, you will read how to print Excel Spreadsheets Gridlines. But if you need technical assistance then you can contact to the technical team of Microsoft Office through

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Steps to Print Excel Spreadsheet Gridlines:

  • Update Printer’s Driver:

It is very essential that you update your drivers properly because outdated driver versions results in major stability problems. Usually, Windows install its own version of the driver itself, but if you want more functions for your printer then you should download and install Driver Fix. With this tool, you can instantly update all your drivers with just few clicks and also can get back to printing immediately.

  • Ensure the Print Gridlines Option is Selected:

For this, first you should verify that the Print gridlines option is selected in Excel application. After this, you should click on the Page Layout tab. Now, under Gridlines you should select the Print check box.

  • Reduce Scale to 99 Percent:

First, you should select the Page Layout tab. Then, you have to click in the Scale box. You just have to enter 99 in the Scale box, and then you should press the Return button. At last, again try to print Spreadsheet.

  • Deselect Draft Quality Option:

You should select Excel’s Page Layout tab. Then, you should click on the Page Setup button. After this, click on the Sheet tab which is in the Page Setup window. Here, you just have to deselect the Draft quality check box. At the end, you have to select the OK button.

  • Select Best Print Quality:

First of all, you should select the File tab. Then you have to click on the Print option which is on the left of the tab. After this, you should click on the Printer Properties just to open a window. Now, you should select the tab which contains a print quality option. At the end, you should click on Best if Standard is selected.

  • Select Print to PDF:

You should click on the File tab. After this, you should click on the Print option to open the options. Now, you should select Print to PDF which is on the printer drop-down menu. Then, you should click on the Print button. Here, you will see the Save Print Output window will open. You just have to enter a title for the PDF file in the text box. Now, you should click on the Save button. After this, you should open the spreadsheet’s Portable Document File (PDF) in Adobe Reader. At the end, you just have to print the spreadsheet from the PDF software.

Above method will help you to print Spreadsheet Gridlines. If you need any kind of technical support, then you can anytime contact to the customer care of MS Office via