How to Locate Router’s IP Address on Linux, iOS, And on Android?

Microsoft Office is the commonly used software in all the organizations. It is widely known for its excellent applications which not only used for formatting, editing, creating text document, making professional presentation but also helps in scheduling meetings and conferences. You can install this famous software through It provides its user cloud storage facility so that the user can store the back up of their data. This software helps in increasing the productivity because common computer user can work as a professional with the help of MS Office. In this blog, you will read how to locate the router’s IP address on devices like Linux, Ios, and Android.

Through Command Prompt:

For this, first you have to press Win + R keys altogether to open a Run dialog box. Then, you have to enter ‘cmd’ in the box and then press Enter key. After this, the command prompt window will open. Here you have to enter ‘ipconfig’ and tap on Enter key. Then the IP address of the router will be displayed beside the Default Gateway.

Through Control Panel:

For this, go to the Start Menu and open control panel. Then, you have to select the ‘View network status and tasks’ under the Network and Internet field. Now, under the ‘View your active networks’ field, you have to select the network name with which you are linked to Connections. After this, go to the Status screen and select the Details. Here, you will see the ‘Network Connection Details’ and you can find the IPv4 Default Gateway.

Locate the IP Address on Linux:

Linux OS has a Network button in the Notification Area which is located at the upper side of the screen. Now you have to select the Network button. After this, go to context menu, and select the Connection Information. Here, the router IP Address will be listed as the Gateway, Default Route, or Default Route Address in the Connection Information.

Locate IP Address on Ios:

First, go to the Home screen, here you have to find and select the Settings. Then you have to select the Wi-Fi option. Now you have to select the router name with which you are linked to and want to find the IP address. Here, you will see the list of all recoverable detail for the network. Router IP address will be listed as the Router from the list.

Locate IP Address on Android:

First, open the Wi-Fi Analyzer and then select the View menu. Then you have to choose AP List from the options. Now, you have to see the Connection with which you are connected and then select the header. Here you will see all the recoverable detail relating to the Wi-Fi network. The Router IP address will be listed from the dialog as the Gateway.

If you want more details on the router IP Address on Windows, then you can go to the official website of MS Office via

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