How To Keep The Track Of Kids With Microsoft Family Safety App?

The Microsoft Family Safety app is the wonderful application of Microsoft which keeps the track of your child online activity like how your child is using his/her phone, keeps track of their location, and in fact, you can set time limits on app use and game time. Earlier this app was only available to control your child’s computer usage in Windows 10. But now, it is available for Android also. To gain the benefits of this app, you should install MS Office through In this blog, you will read how to use Microsoft Safety App.

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Use Microsoft Family Safety App:

First, to use this app you should have a Microsoft Family Group, and your child must have Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer installed in their phone. And also you should add your child as a member of your family group.

Now, for this you should go to the Microsoft Family Safety page and just signed in with your Microsoft account. After this, you should select Create a family group. While creating your family group, you have to answer a few questions like your region, how many children do you have in the family, and also their ages. After login to your Microsoft account, you should select the Add a member option in the Family section so that you can add family members to the group. If in case, you are adding your spouse, then you should select Organizer. But if you are adding a child, then you have to select Member. Now, you should enter the email address, and then just correct Captcha code, and after this, just select Send invite.

If you have first added the child account then you should configure what organizers in your Microsoft Family Group can view. Now, under your Child’s account, you should select Manage permissions. After this, you should enable organizer permissions under all sections. Here, your child will receive an email with the invite to the Microsoft Family Group. Now, your child should open the email and then select Join Now. When your child has joined the group, then they should install the Microsoft Launcher app in their phone just to track their location. To install this, your child should get into the app permissions for the Microsoft Launcher app and then enable the Location setting.

To enjoy other features of Microsoft Family Safety features to work, your child must have Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer in their mobile device.

Monitor Mobile Usage With Microsoft Family Safety:

When the Microsoft Family Safety group is synced, then you can see lot of things and can also control your child’s mobile device.

Now, in the Activity tab you can access all the settings. Here, you can enable or disable overall monitoring. It is advised that you should enable Activity reporting, and Email weekly reports to me if you want to receive email updates about your child mobile usage.

Then in the Screen time tab, you can control the time of day your child is allowed to use their devices. Presently, this settings is available for Windows 10 or Xbox devices but not for mobile phones. In App and game limits, you can block the child from using certain apps, or you can also set a time limit. In the Content restrictions tab, you can set what kind of content or apps your child can access according to their age limit. Now in the bottom of this page, you can block or allow specific websites, whatever browser your child is using. In the Spending page,   your child has to take permission if they want to buy an app from the Microsoft Store. For this, you have to add money to their Microsoft account balance. In the Find your child page, you can see the current location of your child.

For more details about the Microsoft Family Safety App, just visit to the site of Microsoft Office via

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