How to Improve the Printing Time on Window 10?

If your Printer takes long time to print, then this can be because of network or cable problems. To improve the printing time, you should update or reinstalling the driver. In this article, you will read the method to improve the printing time on Window 10. For help, visit to .  

Method to Improve Printing Time on Window 10:

1. Manually Update Driver:

For this, you should right-click on the Start button and then choose Device Manager from the list. After this, you need to expand the Printers section. Here, you need to locate your printer and just right-click on it. At this point, you need to choose Update driver and then it will download and install it. At last, you need to Restart your PC if your computer installed a new driver.

2. Reinstall Printer Driver:

You should right-click on the Start button and then select Device Manager from the menu. After this, you need to find your printer and then right-click on it. At this point, you should select Uninstall device from the menu. If the confirmation dialog box appears on our screen, then you should check Remove driver software for this device. Then, you need to tap on Uninstall button. When you remove the driver, then hit on Scan for hardware changes icon. At last, you should install the default driver for your printer. For more details about Window 10, go to the site via

3. Assign New IP Address to your Printer:

 Sometimes, your printer is printing slowly because of IP address. If there is an issue with your IP address, this will create problem. To fix this, you should assign a new IP address to your network printer. This is only for network printers, but if you’re not using your printer as a network device, then it will not work for you.

4. Stop Print Spooler service and Clear Printers Directory:

You need to press Windows Key + R and then input services.msc. Then, you should hit on Enter or OK key. After this, you should find Print Spooler service and then right-click on it. Now, you should select Stop from the menu. Then, you should Minimize the Services window. Here, you should open File Explorer and then visit to the following location:


At this point, you should delete all files from the Printers directory. Then, you should go back to the Services window and then locate Print Spooler service and just right-click on it. At last, you should select Start from the menu.

5. Change Printing Settings in Word:

You need to open Microsoft Word. After this, you should visit to Options and then select Advanced option. Now, you should click on Printing. At last, you should locate the Background print checkbox and then just disable it.

Through this way, you will improve the printing time on Window 10. If the user need more information, then navigate to the MS Office via

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