How to Get Rid Of 0x8007012a Install Error in Window 11?

In some cases, users face install error 0x8007012a in Window 11. This error stops the user from downloading and installing updates. To fix this error, you should read the solutions to fix 0x8007012a install error in Window 11. For any type of assistance, just visit to   

Solutions To Resolve 0x8007012a Install Error in Window 11:

1. Disconnect External Peripherals:

Sometimes, the external devices which are connected to your PC lead to conflict. Hence, you should disconnect the external peripherals like the printer, headphones, speakers and some other peripherals. When you disconnect all these, then just restart your computer.

2. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter:

The customer should hit on Windows + I together to launch the Settings app. Now, tap on Troubleshoot option which is on the right side in the System tab. After this, you should hit on Other troubleshooters just to view all. At this point, you should find the Windows Update troubleshooter and then hit on the Run button. At last, troubleshooter will identify the issues in your computer and then just follow the instructions which are there on your screen.

3. Run Windows Update & BITS:

For this, you need to hit on Windows + R at the same time to launch the Run command. After this, input services.msc in the text field and then hit on OK or Enter key to launch the Services app. Here, you need to double-tap on the Background Intelligent Transfer Service. At this point, from the Startup type dropdown menu, you should choose Automatic button. Next, you should tap on the Start option and when the service is running and then tap on OK button to save the changes. Next, you should double-tap on the Windows Update service. Again, you need to choose Automatic option from the Startup type menu. At last, you should tap on the Start and then tap on OK button to save the changes.

4. Clear Software Distribution Folder:

To clear, you should tap on Win + S key together to launch the Search menu. After this, just input Windows Terminal in the field which is at the top and then right-tap on the result. Now, choose the option Run as administrator from the list. Then, you have to hit on Yes button on the UAC prompt. At this point, you should tap on the downward-facing arrow which is located at the top and then choose Command Prompt from the list. Or, the user can tap on Ctrl + Shift + 2 at the same time to launch the Command Prompt tab in Windows Terminal. Here, you should type the commands and tap on Enter button after each command to stop the Windows Update service and BITS.

net stop wuauserv

net stop bits

If the services are stopped, then tap on Win + R key simultaneously to open the Run command. Now, input the address in the text field and hit on OK button.


At last, you need to press Ctrl + A together to select all the files which are listed here and then tap on Del key just to delete it.

With this above solutions, you can easily fix the install error 0x8007012a. For more assistance, hit on