How To Fix Microsoft Team Bad Request Error?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and productivity tool of MS Office which is used by millions of people. When you are trying to access or edit certain files, then some users might receive the Bad Request errors. In this blog, you will read about the Microsoft Team bad request error and its solution. If the user need help or support, then you should call the custom care of Microsoft through

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Solution to Fix Microsoft Teams Bad Request Error:

1. Change Read Only Recommended Settings:

This error occurs if you have enabled the Read Only Recommended setting for the file. To fix this, you should open the file in the native app. If in case, it is a Word File, then you should open the file in Microsoft Word. You should click on the File and then select Saves As option. After this, you have to click on Browser. Now in the Save window, you have to click on Tools and then you should select Generation Options. Here, you have to locate “Read Only Recommended” and then just uncheck the option. Now, you should click on the OK button and then just save the file. At last, you should go back to Microsoft Teams and then you should try to re-upload the file and then check for the issue is solved or not.

2. Check File Compatibility:

This error can also occur if the file you are trying to access is not compatible with the present version of Microsoft Office app. Like if the file you are editing in .xls format or .doc format then you should change it to .xlsx and .docx format. After this, you should save the file in a new format and then re-upload the file in Microsoft Teams app. Now, the users can easily access the file without any error this time.

3. Change Web Browser:

If you are accessing the web client of Microsoft Teams, then you should change the web browser. Always keep in mind that the bad cache can create problem with the browser functionality. If in case, you are using Google Chrome, then you should try to access Microsoft Teams by using Edge or Firefox. If in case the error is resolved after changing the browser, then you should clear the browser cache to fix the issue.

4. Run a System Scan:

You should run a PC Scan with Restore Repair Tool just to find the errors which cause security problems and slowdowns. When the scan is finished, then the repair procedure will replace the damaged files with fresh Windows files. And remember, the URL Browser is a great alternative to Chrome.

5. Clear Browser Cache for Chrome:

First, you should click on the Menu icon and then select Settings. After this, you should click on Advanced option to expand the section. Now, you have to scroll down to Security and Privacy section. Then, you should click on the “Clear browsing data” option. Here, you have to select a time range and then you should check Cookies and other site data and also the Cached images and files option. After this, you should click on the Clear Data button. Now, you have to re-launch Chrome and then just check if the error is resolved.

If the user need any help or more information about Microsoft Team then just contact to the customer care of Microsoft through

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