How to Fix “Microsoft Excel Stopped Working”?

Microsoft Office is the well known software, which includes many applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. It provides user friendly interface and support the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptop and Android Phones. You can install this well known software through It is utilized both in homes and offices. It increases the productivity of the user and also makes the work convenient. If you regularly work on MS Excel, then you might have faced the error like Microsoft Excel has Stopped Working. This error occurs when the workbook has lot of data and complex calculation because of which Excel file start crashing. In this blog, you will read the solution when MS Excel Stopped Working.

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 Fix “Microsoft Excel Stopped Working”:

  • Start In Safe Mode:

For this, first you have to press Windows+ R key to open the command prompt in Run Dialog box in the Start Menu. Then you have to type excel.exe/safe in the command box to open the MS Excel in the safe mode. After this, you have to press the Ctrl button and then open Excel file is another option to use the safe mode. Check the error is fixed o not.

  • Disable Faulty Add-ins:

First you have to go to the File Menu and then just click on the Excel Options. Now in this Window you will see the Add-ins option is available on the left-hand side. Here the lists of the Active Application Add-ins are available. Now you will see that every add-in has its name location and Type mentioned in the list. After this, just go to the Manage option which is in the bottom and then you have to set COM Add-ins and after this, click on the GO button. You will see the COM Add-Ins dialog box will display on your computer screen and then uncheck the first checked option on the screen and then click OK button.

  1. Check For Faulty Antivirus Conflicts:

For this, you have to remove the entire antivirus program integration with Excel. With this, you also have to remove the entire add-ins of the antivirus program from Excel application. In case, if your antivirus is outdated then update it.

  • Repair MS Office:

For this, first you have to go to Control panel and then you have to select the Microsoft Office from the list. After this, go to command prompt and then you have to type appwiz.cpl and then press Enter key. Now you have to click on the Change option. Here you see the Office window displays on the screen. Now you have to select Quick Repair option and then just click on the Repair button. Here you will see the repairing process starts. After this process, a confirmation message appears on the screen. Then you have to click on the Close button and then open the Excel file.

  • Keep Your Windows Updated:

For this, click on the Start button and then go to the Control Panel. After this, click on System and Security option. At the Windows Update option, you have to click on Turn automatic updating on or off. After this, you have to select Install updates automatically option or Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them option.

  • Recompile Macros:

Use Macros, for this you have to Start Excel and then click on Developer option. After this, just select Visual Basic. Now go to Tools and then select Options. Here the Options window opens, under the General tab you have to click on clear the ‘Compile on Demand’. Then in the Project navigation pane, you have to right-click on Module. After this, you have to choose ‘Insert’ option for inserting a new module. At the end, save your spreadsheet and then exit the Excel application.

This will fix the issue, but if you still have problem then you can visit to the site of MS Office through or call on the toll free number.