How to Fix: If Your Computer has been Blocked by Red Screen Warning?

Sometimes when the user go to certain web page or open their web browser, they received the message Your computer has been blocked red screen warning. This usually occurs when a scammer is showing you fake alerts just to afraid you so that you immediately call on the number which appears on your screen. Through this call, they will convince you to purchase the software which will protect your identity, data, and online profile.

The red screen warning disables the web browser UI and you think your device and your data are at risk. It is advised when you receive fake red screen do not download anything and also do not follow the instructions which appears on your screen. Because, might be your computer is not infected. In this situation, you can follow the below instructions or you can contact to the technical team of Microsoft through for assistance.

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Solution To Fix If Your Computer Has Been Blocked:

  • Close the Web Browser:

 You can easily solve the red screen scam, if your computer is not infected. For this, you just have to click on the X icon to close the browser. Then, you should restart the web browser app and check that if everything works normally, this means you are safe.  You just have to End that process which caused the red screen alert. In case, the browser re-opens the same red screen page, then you should enter Task Manager and also just end any related processes from there. You can also press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time and then just reach Task Manager. After this, go to the Processes tab and end any process which put your computer at risk. This process will completely solve your problem.

  • Enter Safe Mode and Initiate a Full System Scan:

For this, you should enter your computer into safe mode, in which all third-party apps and processes are disabled by default.

To go to safe mode, you just press the Win+R keys altogether and then in the Run box, just enter msconfig.  From System Configuration, you should go to Boot tab and then under Boot options , just check Safe Boot. After this, you should save your changes and then reboot your computer.

In Safe mode, you should run a scan through your antivirus program. If it finds any infected files, just remove them from your computer system. At last, reboot your computer into Windows mode.

  • Install Additional Anti malware Program:

You should install and run an antimalware program in your device because sometimes your installed antivirus programs cannot be able to detect certain malware packages. Hence, you should use Malwarebytes. You should again perform a full system scan just to check that everything is safe and secured. And also check that your system do not download any file which is malicious.

This method will help you to solve the issue, if your computer has been blocked. For further help, just contact to the Microsoft team through