How To Fix If Window Driver Framework Uses Too Much CPU?

In some cases, customers get the issue if Window Driver Framework uses too much CPU. To fix this problem, the user must read the given method. For help related to issue, tap on

Method To Resolve If Window Driver Framework Uses Too Much CPU:

1. Reinstall your Wi-Fi driver:

First, you should download the latest Wi-Fi drivers from your device’s manufacturer. For this, you should press Win Key + X altogether to open Win + X menu. After this from the list, you should select Device Manager. If Device Manager opens up on your screen, then find your Wi-Fi adapter and right-tap on it and then select Uninstall device from the menu. Here, a confirmation dialog box will display on your screen. At last, you should check the Remove driver software checkbox and then tap on Uninstall option.

2. Perform Clean Boot:

To perform clean boot, you should tap on Win Key + R altogether and then input msconfig and then tap on Enter or OK button. After this, System Configuration window will display on your screen. Now, you should visit to Services tab and then check the box of Hide all Microsoft services. At this point, you should tap on Disable all option. Here, you should visit to Startup tab and then tap on Open Task Manager. Then, you will view the list of all startup applications. Next, you should right-tap on the first entry of the list and then select Disable option. When you disable all startup applications, then close Task Manager and then visit back to System Configuration window. At last, you should hit on Apply button and just restart your PC.

3. Disable SDO Sensor and Problematic Devices:

To disable, you should open Device Manager. After this, you should locate SDO Sensor on the list and then right-tap on it. Here, you should select Disable device. At last, the confirmation dialog displays and then tap on Yes button.

4. Disable NFC Feature:

For this, you should hit on Win Key + I at the same time to open the Settings app. After this, visit to Network & Internet section. Then, you should choose Airplane Mode from the menu which is on the left side. At last, you should disable NFC from the right side of the screen.

5. Check your PC is up-to-date:

To check your PC, you should open the Settings app and then visit to Update & Security section. At last, tap on Check for updates button.

6. Use System Restore:

If you want to use System Restore, you should hit on Win Key + S at the same time and input system restore in the box. After this, from the menu select Create a restore point option. Now, System Properties window will open on your screen. Then, you should tap on System Restore button. If the System Restore opens up on your screen, then hit on Next button. After this, you should check Show more restore points. Here, you need to select the specific restore point and then tap on Next button. At last, follow the guidelines on the screen in order to restore your PC.

Through this way, you can fix the issue of Window Driver Framework uses too much CPU. For info, tap on