How To Fix If Wi-Fi Disappeared in Window 11?

Today, Wi-Fi has become very important in this internet world. But sometimes, user’s complaints that Wi-Fi icon disappeared in Window 11. This issue occurs because of the drivers, incompatible apps and malfunctioning of services. In this blog, you will learn the method to fix If Wi-Fi disappeared in Window 11. For more information related to Window 11, visit to MS Office through   

Method to Fix If Wi-Fi Disappeared in Window 11:

1. Check Physical Switch to Turn on Wi-Fi:

Generally, computers and laptops have a built-in switch just to enable/disable the Wi-Fi connection. The user will locate it on the side or around the keyboard. When they find the switch, then check it is turned on and after this, the Wi-Fi icon and settings will reappear on the screen.

2. Check Airplane mode is Turned off:

For this, you should tap on Windows + I key to launch the Settings app. After this, you should choose Network & internet from the tabs which is listed to the left side of the screen. At the end, you have to find the Airplane mode toggle and then make sure it’s disabled.

3.  Turn on Airplane mode and Disable it:

The user should tap on the Action Center icon which is located at the right of the Taskbar or you should press Windows + A together just to view the Quick Settings. Now, you should tap on the Airplane mode tile just to enable it. When it is enabled, then the tile color will change to blue color. At last, you should wait for few minutes and then tap on the Airplane mode tile in order to disable the setting.

4. Restart PC:

For this, you should visit to the Desktop and then press Alt + F4 key together in order to launch the Shut Down Windows box. After this, you should hit on the dropdown menu and just choose Restart option from the list of options. At the end, you need to tap on OK button which is located at the bottom.

5. Verify Wi-Fi Adapter is Enabled:

The user needs to press Windows + R key together to launch the Run command. After this, you should enter ncpa.cpl in the text field and then tap on OK or Enter in order to launch Network Connections. Now, you have to find and then check if the Wi-Fi is grayed out. And then, you should enable it. At the end, you should right-tap on the Wi-Fi adapter and then choose Enable option from the context menu.

6. Update Wi-Fi Driver via Device Manager:

You need to press Windows + X together to launch the Power User/Quick Access menu. After this, from the list of option you should choose Device Manager. Now, you should double-tap on the Network adapters entry in order to expand and just see the devices under it. Here, you should right-tap on the Wi-Fi adapter and then choose Update driver from the context menu. At this point, you should let the Window to scan for the available driver and for this, you should choose Search automatically for driver and then install it.

The above method will help you to fix if Wi-Fi disappeared in Window 11. For more details, the user should visit to Microsoft Office via