How to Fix If Evernote to OneNote Importer Not Working?

With Evernote to OneNote Importer, the user can transfer the most valuable notes, ideas, and lists. But sometimes, Evernote to OneNote Importer not working. To fix this issue, follow the below method. For more assistance, the user go to Microsoft via

Method to Fix If Evernote to OneNote Importer Not Working:

  1. Scan For Malware:

The user should scan the computer system for malicious software by using antivirus software. First, they have to Download the product and the installation procedure is easy. After this, you should allow the tool to optimize your PC. Now, you should visit to the Antivirus module, and then click on the options and after this, select Quick Scan or Full Scan. It will scan the important elements of your device. At last, you should Restart the PC.

2. Sign out/sign in and Disable Encryption:

After scanning, you should go to other option that is to sign out and sign in again with your Microsoft Account linked with OneNote. After this, you should disable the encryption on your OneNote notebooks or individual notes. This helps to speed up the importing process.

3. Re-download Importer Tool:

Sometimes, importer is affected by the third-party programs or they require more permission to access your notes. It might be possible that you misconfigured the setup. If you prepared Evernote for Windows and OneNote for the transfer, then you should re-download the Importer tool. This might fix the problem but if the issue still persistent, then go to the next step.

4. Disable Sync Temporarily:

To fix this issue, you should disable the Sync during the procedure. Because, if Evernote for Windows syncs all the time in the background then it will disrupt the exporting of notes. It is suggested you should not use web-based Evernote application. Here, you should download Evernote for Windows. The user should wait so that it syncs all notes to local storage and then you should use Microsoft Evernote to OneNote Importer tool.

5. Export Notes as an ENEX File:

It is suggested you should not directly transfer notes from Evernote to OneNote, the user can export them in the ENEX format in their PC and then import them. This solution works for some users and it exports the notes and diminishes the use of the Importer. If the user is still facing the problem then move to the next steps.

6. Update Evernote for Windows and OneNote:

If the user wants to reduce the discrepancy between the two then you should update both. It is suggested you should keep them both up to date and then again try to export notes.

7. Reinstall Evernote for Windows:

If the above solution does not work, then it is recommended you should reinstall Evernote for Windows. If this solution does not help, then contact to Microsoft Support team.

Through this way, the user can fix the issue if Evernote to OneNote Importer Not Working in Window 10. If the customer wants assistance, then visit to

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