How To Fix If Couldn’t Connect To Update Service on Window 10/11?

When Microsoft delivers Window 10/11 updates, many users receive the Couldn’t Connect To Update Service. To fix this issue, you should install the updates manually and check the internet connection. If still you cannot fix the issue, then go to the Microsoft official site via   

Method to Fix If Couldn’t Connect To Update Service on Window 10/11:

1. Check your Internet Connection:

For this, first you should check your Internet connection and if you are using Wi-Fi connection, then just reset your router. You should also disconnect all connected peripherals. Then, repeat the update procedure.

The user should press Windows + I key altogether and then tap on Update and security button. Now from the left side of the main window, you should tap on Windows Updates. Then, check if updates are available on your computer. At last, you should finish the procedure by following on-screen instructions.

2. Check you have Enough Disk Space:

First, you should press Windows + E altogether and then from the left side navigate to This PC option. Now, you should check there must be at least 10 GB of free space left and then just reapply the update process.

3. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter:

To fix this issue, you should press Windows + I key together and then visit to Update & Security option. Now, you should choose Troubleshoot option from the left menu, which is followed by Additional troubleshooters. At last, you should locate the Update troubleshooter and then choose Run the troubleshooter. It will scan the system error which interferes in the update procedure. At the end, restart your Window 10 PC.

4. Run System Scan:

The user should press Windows key and then write cmd. Under the result, you should select Run as administrator option. Now, you need to type the command and tap on Enter: sfc /scannow

Here, the scanning process will begin in your device. In case, there are issues, then scan will automatically fix all issues. At last, you should Restart your computer system and then just retry the update process.

5. Verify Disk for Corrupted sectors:

For checking the Disk, you should press Windows and then write cmd and choose Run as administrator option. Now in the Command Prompt, you should type the command and then press Enter: chkdsk c: /r

Here, you should wait when the procedure is running and then restart your computer. At last, you should retry the Windows 10 update procedure.

6. Install Update Manually:

To install the update manually, you should press the Windows + I keys together and then choose Update & Security button. Now, you should visit to Windows Update and then tap on Advanced Settings. Here, you should choose Update History. At last, you should access the Microsoft official webpage just to find the latest updates.

With this above procedure, the user can fix Couldn’t Connect to Update Service on Window 10/11. For more info, visit to