How To Fix High Latency/Ping in Games After Window 10 Upgrade?

If the user’s complaints that there is high latency in games after Window 10 upgrade, then this issue is caused by Ethernet and Wi-Fi problems. To fix this problem, you should disable antivirus and update a drivers. In this blog, the customer will read the method to fix If High Latency/ Ping in Games after Window 10 Upgrade. For more information, you should visit to the site of MS Office via

Method to Fix If High Latency/ Ping in Games:

1. Use VPN Solution:

WTFast is the Game Private Network (GPN) and it is different from other network solutions. This software automatically detects the optimized traffic path and provides a stable and smooth connection. It gives a latency-free gaming experience. Through this software, you can view the information about your data, also how it’s transferred and it affects only the game traffic.

2. Turn off Third-party Antivirus:

If in case, the user is facing high latency in games, then to fix this issue you should disable your antivirus. Because, sometimes the antivirus interferes with your network connection and results in this errors. Here, you should also check if your firewall is blocking a game or not. The user can also remove the antivirus by using the removal tool.

3. Change How Updates are Delivered:

For this, you should visit to Settings and then tap on Update and Security. After this, you should navigate to Windows Update and then hit on Advanced options. Now, you should tap on Choose how updates are delivered. At this point, you should Turn Updates from more than one place to Off.

4. Check Apps in Task Manager:

First of all, you should start Task Manager by hitting on Ctrl+Shift+Esc key. Then in the list of processes, you should hit on Network to view the processes by network usage. Now, you should find the processes that are using your network and then just turn them off. The user can also go to the Startup tab and just disable these processes from starting.

5. Change your Wireless Network Adapter Settings:

You should right-tap on the wireless icon which is located in the bottom left of taskbar. Now, you should select Open Network and Sharing Center. Then, you should choose Change adapter settings which are on the left side of the screen. Here, you should right-tap on your wireless connection which has latency issues and then select Properties. At this point, you should tap on Configure option. Next, you need to visit to Advanced tab and then change the values and just save your settings:

802.11n channel width for 2.4GHz connections to 20MHz

Prefered Band to 2.4GHz

Roaming Aggressiveness to 1

Wireless mode to 802.11b/g

6. Disable Location Tracking Feature:

The customer should open the Settings app and then go to the Privacy section. Now in the left side, you should tap on Location. At this point, you should hit on the Change button. At last, you should set the Location for this device to Off.

With this method, the user can fix the issue High Latency/Ping in Games after Window 10 upgrade. For more assistance related to Window 10, you should go to