How To Fix DLL Errors 126/127 in Window 10?

If the customer is facing DLL Error 126/ 127 in Window 10, then this issue occurs due to corrupt registry, missing file, outdated drivers and also because of system failure. To fix this issue, you should read the method to fix DLL Errors 126/127 in Window 10. For help related to issue, navigate to

Method To Fix DLL Errors 126/127 in Window 10:

1. Temporarily Disable Antivirus Protection:

To fix this issue, you should disable the antivirus protection for some time. After this, you should uninstall the program which is not running and showing you the Dll error 126/127. Now, you have to reinstall the program from the starting. If you disable the antivirus, then you should run the program and then it will run properly. If in case it runs properly, then you should add an exclusion rule in the security software so that it protects the files linked with this app.

2. Update Microsoft NET Framework:

If you find Microsoft NET Framework is outdated, then you will encounter two DLL errors. Hence, it is recommended you should update the built-in software as it will fix the issue. From here, you can access Microsoft’s dedicated webpage and then download the latest version of Net Framework.

3. Run DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer Toolkit:

Sometimes, reinstalling DirectX can results in DLL problems. If the user wants to reinstall it in their computer, then visit to Microsoft’s official webpage. Here, you have to use the search engine and then enter DirectX and then download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer. After this, you need to Save it on desktop and then run the executable file. Now, you need to follow the instructions for resuming the flashing procedure. At the end, just Reboot your Windows 10 system.

4. Uninstall or Reinstall Program:

For this, you should tap on the Windows search icon which is located next to the Windows Start button and then type Control Panel. After this, you should tap on the first result which appears on your screen. Now in Control Panel, you should switch to Category tab. Here, you need to select Uninstall a program which is under Programs. At this point, you should find the program which you wish to remove and then choose it and then tap on uninstall.

5.  Perform System Check:

First of all, you need to write cmd in Windows search and then hit on the Run as administrator option which is under Command Prompt. Now, you need to type the command and then tap on Enter key:


Then, it will automatically perform a scan and if there are issues, then Windows system will fix it.

6. Update Firmware Drivers:

You should right-click on the Windows Start icon. Then, the list will be appears on your screen and then select Device Manager. Now in Device Manager, you should find the Firmware field and then extend it. After this, you should right-tap on System Firmware and then select Update driver. At the end, you should wait for the update process to be finished and then restart your PC.

The above method will help to fix the issue if DLL Errors 126/127 in Window 10. If the customer need more information regarding Windows, then navigate to the site via