How To Export Emails from MS Outlook?

Microsoft Office has several applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. Each application of MS Office has different functions. This software is easily installed through When you are exporting Outlook emails, you should save the file to an external hard drive or you can also back them up in another email application. In this blog, you will read how to export emails from MS Outlook.

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Export Emails To Outlook PST File:

For this, first you have to open Outlook, then you have to go to the File tab and then choose Info option. After this, you have to select Account Setting and then choose Account Settings. Now in the Account Settings dialog box, you have to go to the Data tab and then just select the file name or account name. Here you have to select Open Folder Location or Open File Location. Then in the Windows File Explorer, you have to copy the .pst file to any location in your computer or in a flash drive.

Export Emails to an OLM File in MS Outlook for Mac:

For Outlook 365 for Mac, you have to go to the Tools tab and then just select Export option. Now, in the Export dialog box, you have to select the Mail check box and then you should select Continue. Then in the Save archive file (.olm) as dialog box, you should select Downloads, and then just select Save option. Now Outlook start exporting the file. After the Export Complete message displays, you have to select Finish option to exit.

Export/ Backup Emails from MS Outlook to Gmail:

For this, first you have to set up your Gmail account in MS Outlook. Then, you have to open Outlook and then just choose the folder which contain the email messages that you want to export to Gmail like your Inbox or saved emails. Then you have to press Ctrl+ A key to select all the emails in the folder. Now all emails are selected in a folder in MS Outlook. After this, you have to right-click on the selected email messages, and then just select Move option, and then choose Other Folder. Now in the Move Items dialog box, you have to select your Gmail account, and also choose the folder in which you want to export your emails. At the end, you have to select OK to move the selected emails.

Export MS Outlook Emails to Microsoft Excel:

For this, you have to go to File option and then just select Open & Export option. After this, you should choose Import/Export. Now you have to select Export to a file, and then you should select Next option. Here, you have to choose Microsoft Excel then you should select Next option. Then, you should select the email folder to export messages, and then you should select Next option. Now, you just browse to the folder to save the exported emails. Just you have to enter a name for the exported file and then select OK button. After this, select Next option, and then select Finish option. After completing the process, you will see the new Excel file to open.

This method helps to Export Outlook Emails. If you want to know more, then just go to the site of MS Office via