How to Add a Check Box for Printed and Electronic Document in Word?

If the user wants to place checkboxes in their document, then they must know there are two types of checkboxes. The checkboxes which are decorative and useful in Printed document and also the checkboxes which are checked electronically in the Word document. In this blog, you will read the method to insert checkboxes for printed and electronic document in Word. If the customer wants more details about Word, then they can visit to the site of Microsoft via

Insert Check Boxes for Printed Documents:

First, you have to select a location in the Word document. After this, you need to choose the Home tab if you have not selected. Now, you need to select the drop-down lists which accompany the Bullets button. If you see the Bullet Library pop-out displays on your screen, then you need to select Define New Bullet. Here, the Define New Bullet dialog appears on your screen, which overlay the main Word window. At this point, you have to select Symbol. Now, you have to scroll the symbols list till you find one symbol to use as a check box. Then, you have to click on that symbol in order to select it. If in case, you have not find the option then you can choose a different value from the Font drop-down list i.e. additional sets of symbols. Keep in mind Microsoft Word supports special characters like bullets, copyright and trademark symbols etc. After this, you have to select OK button. Here, from the Define New Bullet interface you have to select OK button. At last, you have to follow the instructions correctly and then the check box will be added to your document.

Insert Check Boxes for Electronic Documents:

To insert checkbox for electronic document, you have to select File and then tap on Options. Then in the Word Options dialog, you need to select Customize Ribbon. Now under Customize the Ribbon, you have to choose the Main Tabs option from the drop-down menu. After this, you have to locate the Developer option and then select + to expand the list. You have to place a check mark which is next to Developer. At this point, you have to select + which is next to the option Controls, and also expand its list. Here, you have to select Check Box Content Control and then select OK button in order to return to the main Word interface. Then, you have to activate the Developer tab, which is added to the main menu on the top of your screen. Next in the Controls section, you have to select the check box icon. At last, you will see the new check box will be inserted into your document.

The above method will help you to insert the checkbox in MS Word. If the user still needs help, then they can visit to the site of Microsoft Office through

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