How MS Excel Helps to Make Sense Of Your Data?

MS Excel is the useful app of MS Office software and you can install this application of Microsoft through It is used for creating electronic spreadsheet in which you can store, organize, and manipulate data. You can use this application for business as well as for home purpose and on any device like Window OS, Mac, Computer, laptops and Android Phones. This software also provides its user cloud storage service. So, you can access your data anytime and on any device. This software is very useful in this digital world as it makes the work faster. In this blog, you will read the uses of MS Excel.

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What is the purpose of Excel?

In this, you can create an electronic spreadsheet program which is basically used for accounting. In spreadsheets, the data is stored in a table which is a collection of small rectangular cells and it is organized into rows and columns. You can store many spreadsheet pages in a single computer file. And these saved computer file is known as workbook and the each page of the workbook is a worksheet.

  • Spreadsheet Cells and Cell References:

In the Excel screen or in spreadsheet, there is a grid of rows and columns.Each worksheet has millions of rows and more than 16,000 columns just to keep track of your data.The horizontal rows in the spreadsheet are identified by numbers like (1, 2, 3) and the vertical columns is identified by letters of the alphabet like (A, B, C). The intersection between a column and a row is known as a cell. The cell is used for storing data in the worksheet, and each worksheet has millions of cells. And each cell is identified by its cell reference which is a combination of the column letter and the row number like A3, B6, and AA345. Remember in the cell references, always the column letter listed first.

  • Data Types, Formulas, and Functions:

In the Excel sheet, a cell can hold the type of data like Numbers, Text, Dates and times, Boolean values and Formulas.

In this, Formulas are used for calculations. For creating a formula, you have to enter the equal sign in the cell where you want the answer to be displayed in the sheet.

Functions in Excel are built-in formulas which are designed to carry out a wide range of calculations and other operations like entering the date and time and also helps to find the specific information in the large tables of data.

  • Excel and Financial Data:

Spreadsheets are basically used to store financial data. In this, you can perform the basic mathematical operations like summing columns or rows of numbers, finding values like profit or loss, finding the average, maximum, minimum and other statistical values in a data.

  • Other Uses of Excel:

The common operations which Excel can be used for Graphing or charting data just to assist users in identifying data, Formatting data so that you can easily find and understand data, printing data and charts, Sorting and filtering data just to find specific information, Linking worksheet data and charts, and also Importing data from database programs just for analysis.

This is the basic information about Excel for beginners. If you want to know more then you can visit to the site of MS Office via