How Can You Remove Junk Files From Window 10?

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When you continuously use your PC, then your PC automatically generates many junk files which slow down the speed and performance of your computer system. So, in this blog you will learn how to remove junk files from your PC.

Enable System Restore:

Enabling System Restore helps you to take your computer back in time. If you delete the file accidentally, then you can get back your file by performing system restore. For this, first you have to enter control panel and then just select Control Panel app in the search results. After this, Select System and Security option and then select System if your Control Panel window is in Category view. Again Select System if your Control Panel window is in Icon view. Now Select System Protection which is located in the left hand side of the PC. Here you will see the System Properties window will open. The Protection is set to be On for the System drive. But if is not, then you have to select the drive and then just select Configure. Now you just select Turn on system protection and then you have to select Apply. Here you just select Create next to Create a restore point. In the restore point you have to type a word or phrase and set the date and time. Just Select Create and you will see the message that the restore point was successfully created. At the end, just Select Close and you can restore your system to the current settings.

Managing Recycle Bin:

This will store all the deleted files. In future if you want any file back, you can restore it and get from recycle bin. Right now if do not want any file in the recycle bin, for this press Win + D altogether and Right-click the Recycle Bin. After this, just select Empty Recycle Bin. Just Select Yes to confirm to delete the items.

Trashing Temporary Files:

For this, just go to Start > Settings > System. Then just Select Storage in the left hand side of the screen. Now you have to Turn on the toggle switch which is under Storage. Here you just Select Configure Storage Sense or run it. Under Temporary Files, you have to select Delete temporary files. Now just Select Clean Now if you want to delete the temporary files. At the end, Exit the Settings window.

Disk Clean up Tool:

This will delete all the junk files. First just enter disk cleanup in the Search box. Now Select Disk Cleanup app to open the tool. Now just Select the drive which you want to clean up. Here just Select OK.Wait for sometime so that Disk Cleanup calculates the amount of space which can be recovered. Just select the check boxes of files you want to delete. Now Select View Files if you want to see the files in the category you have selected. Here you just select OK to delete the junk files. At the end, Select Delete Files to confirm you want to delete the files. Disk Cleanup will delete files and when you are done just close it.

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