Free Online Course Launch By Microsoft- AI Business School:

Microsoft has made a positive approach towards the Artificial Intelligence. A free online course has been introduced by Microsoft to empower business executive so that they can lead with the confidence in this AI world. This course will educate them to how to solve the business related problems and it include case studies, guides, and short videos of lectures. The business executives can learn this course or watch video when they are free. It provides the knowledge about AI Technologies and it is non-technical in nature. Earlier Microsoft has launched Microsoft Office which becomes universal software because of its amazing application and you can install this software through

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The course provides videos which gives you the overview of AI technologies. In this, you will understand the change which comes across the industries. Also tell you the impact of AI on company strategy, culture, technology and responsibility. The course provides tools for business so that you can successfully implement artificial intelligence in your business. It also helps the executives to understand best-in-class technology, and AI. The AI Business School of Microsoft follows the instructional guides, like the AI Transformation Playbook from Andrew Ng, who is famous researcher in machine learning and AI. Before you implement AI in your organization, this school tells you how to develop a strategy and identify blockers.

The Microsoft AI business school includes the developer-focused AI School and the Microsoft Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence which gives the people job- ready skills and also provides the real-world experience for engineers. It gives you the knowledge to improve your skills in AI and data science. This school is completely non-technical in nature and educates the executives to lead their organization with AI skills.

INSEAD is the popular business school for the world that has its campuses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, make partnership with Microsoft to build the AI Business School’s strategy module. This AI Business School strategy module has the case studies of many companies who have successfully transformed their businesses with AI. It gives the example of many companies how they can reduce costs and increase production line quality with the help of AI.

Many companies wanted to train their employees on AI with the advancement in technology. LinkedIn has launched an AI Academy last year to train their employees on AI and Machine learning as this becomes very essential in this digital world. Google and Amazon also give free machine learning courses. These courses give the good option for the one who wanted to make their carrier in this field as this course will specialized their skills.

Hence, Microsoft has made the lives of the people convenient. Now, they can move their business with the advanced technology that is AI.  Microsoft AI Business school provide you free certified online course which provide training in AI strategy, business culture, responsible AI, and technology. For more details, you can visit to the website of Microsoft Office through

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