Easy Way To Use OneDrive Application on Mac:

Basically, OneDrive is the cloud storage service of Microsoft Office. It is used for storing files online and this application can install through . In this blog you will read how to use OneDrive Application on Mac.

Method to Use OneDrive on Mac:

1: Download and Install OneDrive on Mac:

First, you should create a Microsoft Live ID, then go to this website www.office.com/setup. After this, logged in to the website with your newly-created Microsoft Live ID just by clicking on “Sign In” option which is located at the top-right hand side of the window. In the next window, you have to click on “Get the OneDrive apps” which is at the bottom left side of the screen. Now, in new window, just click on “Download.”After this, your Mac’s downloads folder will open up. Then, double click on “OneDrive.pkg” in the folder. Now, follow the instructions to install OneDrive.

2: Set Up and Reset OneDrive on Mac:

 If No Accounts Signed into OneDrive:

For this, press these keys, “cmd” + “Space”, just to start a Spotlight query. Then, you should type “OneDrive” in it and then the “OneDrive Setup” will start. After this, you should type in your school or work account and then select “Sign In.”

 If Account Already Signed into OneDrive:

On your Mac’s Menu bar, you should click on the “OneDrive” icon. Then, you have to click on the 3 dots to launch the menu. Now, you have to select “Preferences.” Here, you should click on “Account.” At this point, choose “Add Account.” This will start OneDrive. Then, you have to type in your school or work account. At last, click on “Sign In” option.

Reset OneDrive:

There are three methods to reset OneDrive: Kill OneDrive processes, access, delete the OneDrive keys, and utilize the covert reset OneDrive script.

Kill OneDrive Processes:

For this, you should open up your “Utilities” folder. Then, you should launch “Activity Monitor.” Now, sort the column alphabetically just by tapping on “Process Name.” Just scroll down with your cursor and then click on “OneDrive” in the list of active processes. You have to kill two OneDrive items: “OneDrive Finder Integration” and “OneDrive.”

When you find other items with the name “OneDrive”, just kill others too. This happens when your Mac is running both Personal and Business version of OneDrive. You just have to highlight the items which you want to kill them. Now, you should click on the “X” icon which is located at the top of the window. After this, you will see the option to “Quit” or “Force Quit”. You just have to click on “Quit”, but if in case it fails then you should close the items, and then try “Force Quit.”

Access and Delete the OneDrive keys:

You should open up “Utilities.”Then, launch the “Keychain Access” utility. After this, you should type “OneDrive” in its search panel. Now in the search results, you should highlight or select only those which are related to OneDrive. Here, you should press the “Delete” key. At last, you should close “Keychain Access.” www.office.com/setup

Utilize Covert Reset OneDrive Script:

 Visit to “OneDrive” in your Applications folder. Then, you should Control-click on it. Now in the menu, you have to click on “Show Package Contents.” There are so many folders open up. At this point, you should click on the “Contents” folder. Here, you have to click on “Resources.” Now, look for “ResetOneDriveApp.command” and then double-click on it just to run the script. If it prompts to run as an administrator, then run it. When you run the script, “Terminal” will open up automatically. When you take these 3 steps and then just launch OneDrive, this will run a fresh install. Now, you should type your login details and then set OneDrive up again.

The above method will help you to use OneDrive Application on Mac. If the customer need support, then contact to the expert of Microsoft via office.com/setup.

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