Easy Way To Merge Rows and Columns in Excel Without Losing Data:

Sometimes, user wants to merge rows and columns in their Excel sheet. But this is not an easy task, it is quite complicated. Hence, in this blog you will read the method to merge rows and columns in Excel without losing data but if you need help, then contact Microsoft Support team through www.office.com/setup.  

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Method To Merge Rows and Columns in Excel:

1. Merge Rows in Excel:

1. Merge Multiple Rows using Excel Formulas:

Excel gives you so many formulas which help you combine data from different rows. One of the formula is CONCATENATE function.  For Concatenate numerous rows into one is to Merge rows with spaces between data, you can combine rows without any space between the values and you can merge rows and then separate the values with comma.

For this, on the sheet you can choose an empty cell and then you should type the formula into it. Here, you should type the formula as per the data rows. And then you should copy the formula across other cells in the row. Now, several data rows merged into one row.

2. Combine Rows in Excel by using the Merge Cells Add-in:

For this, first you should choose rows which you are looking to merge and then click on the Merge Cells icon. Here, you will see the merge cells dialog window opens with a table or range. Then in the upper part of the window, you have to select Merge selected cell- in this you should choose “column by column“. In the separate merged values with – you can choose from comma, space, semicolon, and a line break.  Then in the Where you want to place the merged cells, you should select the top cell.

After this, in the lower part of the Windows you should select the from the following options:  Clear the content of selected cells, Merge all areas in the selection, Skip empty cells and Wrap text and from  the Create a backup copy of the worksheet.

Now, you should click on the Merge button and then check the result – the merged rows are separated by line breaks.

2. Merge Columns In Excel:

1. Merge Two Columns By using Excel Formulas:

First, in your table, you should insert a new column, then in the column header place the mouse pointer and then right-click the mouse. After this, just select Insert from the context menu. You have to name the newly added columns.  Now, in the cell D2, you should write the formula: =CONCATENATE(B2,” “,C2). Then in the formula, the quotation marks “” is the separator which will be inserted between merged names. There are other symbol which you can use as a separator. Here, you can join data from several cells into one just by making use of any separator.  After this, you should copy the formula to other cells of the Full Name column. At this point, you should convert the formula to a value so that you can easily remove the unnecessary columns from the worksheet. Now, you should copy the contents of the columns to clipboard and then right click on the cell in the same column and after this, you should choose “Paste Special” context menu and then choose “Values” radio button and just click OK button. Here, you should remove “First Name” & “Last Name” columns which are not required. After this, you should right-click on any selected columns and then select Delete from the context menu. Finally, you have merged the names from 2 columns into one. www.office.com/setup

2. Combine Columns Data via Notepad:

First, you should choose both columns which you want to merge: For this, you should click B1 and then press Shift + ArrrowRight for choosing C1 and then press Ctrl + Shift + ArrowDown for selecting entire data cells with data in two columns.

Then, you have to copy data to clipboard and choose open Notepad and after this, insert data from the clipboard to the Notepad. Now, you should copy tab character to clipboard and press Tab right in Notepad and then tap on Ctrl + Shift + LeftArrow and then press Ctrl + X. At this point, you should replace Tab characters in Notepad with the separator. Here, you should press Ctrl + H for opening the “Replace” dialog box and then paste the Tab character from the clipboard in Find what field and then type Space separator in “Replace with” field. Now, you should tap on the Replace All button and then close the dialog box and then press Cancel. At this point, you should select the entire text in the Notepad and then copy it to Clipboard. Here, you should switch back to Excel worksheet (press Alt + Tab) and then choose B1 cell and just paste text from Clipboard to your table. At last, you should rename column B to “Full Name“ and then remove the “Last name” column.

For more help, just contact to the support team of MS Office through office.com/setup.

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