Easy Method To Fix Excel Transpose Function Not Working Issue:

It’s very time consuming to reorganize Excel spreadsheet data. And you cannot do bigger changes in the Excel worksheet through simple copy paste option. So, in this case you can use “Excel data transpose”. This function flips the orientation of given cell range data or array. With this function, you can change the horizontal range to vertical or vertical ranges to horizontal. This function also helps to understand the clumsy data, as with few simple clicks you can turn your rows data into columns and your column data into rows. But what happens when transpose function won’t work. In this blog, you will read the solution of the issue when Transpose function not working in Excel. If this method won’t fix the issue then you can contact to the customer care of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

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Soution to Fix Transpose Function Not Working In Excel:

  • Transpose Using Copy and Paste:

If Excel transpose function won’t work then you can transpose data by using the copy and paste feature. Transpose Data have nothing to do with the original data set. If you made changes with the original data then it will not visible in your transposed data, because it is just a copy.

 You can transpose Excel data, for this first you should choose the values contained in the column. Then, you should click on the CTRL + C just to copy your column values. After this, you should click into the empty cell where you wish to transpose your Excel data. Then, just right click on the empty cell. Now, in the Paste Options, you should choose Transpose option. When you put your mouse on the transpose option then you can easily see the preview of your transposed Excel data. When click on the transpose icon then you can see a new row comes in your Excel spreadsheet. You should do this with other Excel columns as this will turn all your column into rows. You can also delete the older data set. For this, you have to select the cells which you want to delete and just right-click on it. Now, from the context menu you just choose the delete option.

  • Transpose Excel Table Into Another Excel Table:

 Transpose Excel data by using power query:

First, you should keep the selection of your source table and then click on the Data tab from the Excel ribbon. After this, go to the Get & Transform Data group and then you have to choose the From table. In the dialog box of Create Table, verify the showing range is correct and then click on the OK option. Now, the dialogue box of query editor will open up. And in this Query editor, you should click on the ‘Transform’ tab. Here, you just have to follow this path: Transform tab>Table –> Use First Row as Headers –> Use Headers as First Row.

After this, you should click on the Transpose button which will begin transposing up your data. Then you have to select the option “Use First Row as Headers”. Now, you have to click on the File tab and then tap on the Close and Load option. This will close your Power Query Editor window. At last, just create a new Excel sheet in which you have to keep your transposed data. this link

  • Updating Table And Query:

Transpose function is not working in Excel may be because your transposed data in the query or table is not updated. You must know that each Excel query has update options. For this, you should right-click on the Query and then select properties and after this click on usage. You can choose the option according to your requirement: Refresh every … minutes and Refresh data when opening the file. It is advised that you should keep Refresh file option ON.

The above method will help you to fix Transpose Function Not Working Issue. For details, just go to the site of MS Office through office.com/setup.

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