Easy Method to Delete Clipboard History in Window 10:

If the user wants to save the work which they do on your Windows 10 PC, then you should clear your clipboard history. In this blog, you will read the method to clear the clipboard history in Window 10. For more details, you can visit www.office.com/setup.

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Method to Delete Clipboard History in Window 10:

1. Create A Shortcut:

First, you have to power up your Windows 10 device. Then from the start screen which is there in the Windows system, you have to to left click or tap on the “Desktop” icon. Now, you have to right click on an open space on your Windows 10 desktop. At this point, you need to left click on the feature “New” in the menu. Here by left clicking on “New”,  you have to open a new menu and you have to left click again on the “Shortcut” feature. Now you will see a “Create Shortcut” window will open up on your screen. At this point, in the white field just under “Type the location of the item” you have to type the following text:

cmd /c “echo off | clip”

When you write the text above, then you have to left click on the “Next” button which is there in the lower right side of the window. After clicking on the “Next” button, then you will go to a new window. Then in the white box just under the “Type a name of this shortcut” window, then you need to name the shortcut which you are making. Now, you have to left click on the “Finish” button which is in the lower right side of the window. At this point, you have to close every window which you have opened and then find the icon which you made on the desktop. Here, you have to double click on the icon which is there on the desktop and then your clipboard will be cleared in Windows 10. If in case, the icon with clearing the clipboard in Windows 10 did not work then you have to reboot the Windows operating system, and then go again on your desktop just double click on the shortcut which you have made. For more details, tap on office.com/setup.

2. Quick Solutions to Clear Clipboard History:

In case, worried about sensitive data to store in your Windows clipboard, then follow this method to remove clipboard history:

You have to take a new screenshot which replace the sensitive information with random images. Then, you have to Restart your computer and rebooting your computer system will delete the clipboard history. Now, you have to clear Windows clipboard on Command Prompt just by running this command as an Administrator: cmd.exe /c cd 2>”%UserProfile%empty.txt” & clip < “%UserProfile%empty.txt”

At last, you should use ClipTTL.

Another thing, which will help you to clear clipboard history is to download and install a clipboard software manager. As these tools are very easy to use. You can use Comfort Clipboard Pro and this will help you to clean and classify your clipped content.

The above method will help you to delete clipboard history in Window 10. If the customer needs more info, then go to www.office.com/setup.

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