If Window 11 Webcam Not Working! How to Fix it?

Sometimes, when the user is using Window 11 then they faces issue like its Webcam is not working. So, in order to fix this issue the user must read the below steps. For more information, the customer should go to MS Office via www.office.com/setup. Method To Fix If Window 11 Webcam Not Working: Firstly, the[…]

How You Can Disable Microsoft Edge in Window 11?

Generally, Microsoft Edge is the default browser available on Windows 11, but there are so many users don’t like this. Although, so many changes have taken place in MS Edge, but some still some people do not to prefer it. There are so many reasons why people do not want to use MS Edge, but[…]

What is the Method To Resolve if Fingerprint Sensor Not Working in Window 11?

Fingerprint sensors are basically used to grant or deny access to your computer systems. The user can easily enable this feature, on their devices which has the minimum requirements. If the customer wants extra security on their computer system, then they should use fingerprint sensor in their device. But sometimes users face issue with the[…]

How You Can Make Window 11 Faster by Using Different Method?

If the user wants to make Window 11 faster, then they can use various accessible options. To fix this issue, you should disable visual effects and notification and also you should adjust Performance Power Plan. In this published blog, you will read the method to make Window 11 faster. If the customer needs more information[…]

How To Troubleshoot If Video Memory Management Error Occurs in Window 10?

If the user faces Video Memory Management error, then it will cause blue screen error and the user won’t be able to access your computer properly. To fix this issue, you should update your display drivers and run application in compatibility mode. For more information, just go to www.office.com/setup. Method to Fix If Video Memory[…]

If Window 11 File Explorer Crashing! How to Resolve it?

Sometimes, user’s faces issue such as File Explorer keeps crashing in Window 11. To solve this, you should use command prompt and Window Power Shell. You can also restart File Explorer to fix this issue. Hence, in this article you will read the method to fix if Window 11 File Explorer crashing. For more detail[…]

What You Should Do If Search Bar Is Not Working in Window 11?

If the user encounter the issue like Search bar is not working. Then, you should first check for your operating system’s general updates, and then run the OS troubleshooter. The user can also restart specific options from Task Manager. If the user needs any information or help, then they should navigate to the official site[…]

How You can Change Window 11 to Classic View?

There are some Microsoft users, who want to change Window 11 to classic view. For this, you can use setting menu and registry editor to change Window 11 to classic view. In this blog, you will read how you can easily change Window 11 to classic view. To know more about Window 11, you can[…]

How You Can Reset Window 11 to its Factory Setting?

The users who are using Window 11, it is advised you should reset to Window 11 to its factory setting because this will resolve many issues. You can reset, by performing General setting menu option. For help, the user can go to www.office.com/setup. Method to Reset Window 11 to its Factory Setting: 1. Reset your[…]