How To Stop MS Edge Chromium from Installing Automatically on Window 10?

Microsoft Edge is web browser of Microsoft. And the latest version of Microsoft Edge depends upon the Chromium engine which is running on Windows 10 and this new version will change the legacy version. But in case, you do not want Microsoft Edge Chromium on Window 10 then you can read this blog. If you[…]

How to Encrypt Files And Folders Through EFS Encryption in Window 10?

Encryption File System (EFS) is basically used to encrypt your folders and files in Window 10. In case, you want to encrypt some of your important files then you can use EFS Encryption method. But in case, you need technical assistance then you can contact to the team of Microsoft through In this blog,[…]

What are the Different Methods to Install Window 10 on PC?

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How To Resolve Wi-Fi Network Not Showing Up on Window 10?

MS Office is the very useful software in today’s world. And you can install this trusted and useful software in your device through You can use this software on Windows, Mac, Computers, Laptops and Android Phones. But in case you face error like if Wi-Fi not showing up on Window 10. So, in this[…]

How You Can Delete Backup Files in Window 10?

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How You Can Create A Password in Windows?

It is very necessary that you create a password for all your accounts. In case, if you do not create a password then anybody can access your account without your permission. Similarly, you must create a password for Windows. In this blog, you will read how to create a password in Windows. But in case,[…]

Get Google Calendar on Your Window Desktop:

Google Calendar is cloud-based calendar systems available online and used by many people. If you may want to access your Google Calendar from the Windows desktop then you can follow these two options- sync your Google Calendar with the default Windows Desktop Calendar app and to sync Google Calendar with a variety of Windows desktop calendar[…]

Step By Step Guide to Fix Window 10 Start Up Problem:

Today, all the official and educational work entirely depends on Windows. Microsoft introduced updates on regular basis and updates means they give more advanced features with installation. You can install MS Office on Window by going to the official website of Office through  But some people face issues in Windows 10 startup. In this[…]

How You Can Protect Your Privacy on Window 10?

The people who are using Windows 10 know that it collects so much private information such as your gadget details, the data which you access etc. The reason of collecting information is to give you better experience. But hackers took advantage of this information and do illegal activities and use your private data for their[…]