How to troubleshoot if Skype Camera is Not Working?

Skype is the useful application of MS Office which is used for communicating with friends, family and colleagues. Because this app provides its user, video and voice call feature. You can install the Skype app in your device through In this blog, you will read the solution if Skype Camera is not Working. click[…]

How to Uninstall Skype from PC, Mac, and Android Phone?

Skype is the best application for communication designed by Microsoft. And you can install this application of MS Office through But, if you are finding some kind of problem or issues and you want to uninstall it from your device. Then you can follow the below procedure to uninstall Skype application from your PC,[…]

How to Troubleshoot “Unable to Join Skype Meeting”?

Skype is the telecommunication application of Microsoft. Through this you can do video chats and voice calls and it also provide you instant messaging services. You can also transmit text, audio, video and images. You can enjoy this application, just by installing MS Office in your device through It is available on Window OS,[…]

How to Make Video Call and Group Call with Skype?

Skype is the application of Microsoft Office developed by Microsoft. Through this you can make high-definition video calls and text messages. The calls gives you clear video quality, the audio is in sync, like you are sitting in front of the other person. For making these calls, you must have a smart phone or computer[…]