How You Can Lock and Unlock Cells, Formula in MS Excel?

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What is Excel Matrix Functions?

MS Excel is a widely used application of MS Office, which you can install through This application helps the user in storing, analyzing, and calculating data. It has many functions which helps the user to maintain and show data in a presentable way. Matrix is the amazing function of MS Excel, which is a[…]

How To Troubleshoot “Excel Not Responding” Issue?

MS Excel is the wonderful app of MS Office which you can install through  But sometimes Excel not responds. This error mainly occurs if you have not installed latest updates, if the Excel application is used by another process, if there is pre-installed Add-ins and also if there is outdated Antivirus software. In this[…]

How to Resolve Excel Cell Overlapping?

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How you can Open Excel File Without Excel?

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How You Can Protect Excel Workbook From Editing?

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If Excel Not Recognizing Date Format! How to Fix It?

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Why Freeze Panes Not Work in Excel and How to Fix this Issue?

Excel Freeze Panes feature is the very helpful feature and is basically used to lock row or column headings. It is because when you scroll down and see the rest of the sheet, its first row and column gets stick on the screen. As a result, heading will always displays on your screen when you[…]

How You Can Easily Open Corrupt Excel File Without Any Backup?

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Easy Method To Fix Excel Transpose Function Not Working Issue:

It’s very time consuming to reorganize Excel spreadsheet data. And you cannot do bigger changes in the Excel worksheet through simple copy paste option. So, in this case you can use “Excel data transpose”. This function flips the orientation of given cell range data or array. With this function, you can change the horizontal range[…]