How to Strikethrough Text in MS Excel?

Strikethrough text in Excel help the user by draw their attention to the numbers or the text which have changed or they are irrelevant. The font size shows the information which is not needed to be used. You can use Strikethrough effect in different version of Excel and in different places. This option is available[…]

Tricks You Should Follow To Become Master in MS Excel:

Microsoft Office is the popular software which gives great facility to the user. This software is useful for employees, employers, workers, students, teachers etc. It is utilized for homes as well as in businesses. You can install this useful software through It has amazing applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Outlook[…]

How to Fix MS Excel Find and Replace Not Working Issue?

MS Excel is the superb application of MS Office developed by Microsoft. You can install this amazing software through This application helps in formatting, editing, creating spreadsheets etc. But, when you work with Excel data, and you want to find some specific information then it becomes very difficult find that information and also it[…]

How to Fix “Microsoft Excel Stopped Working”?

Microsoft Office is the well known software, which includes many applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. It provides user friendly interface and support the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptop and Android Phones. You can install this well known software through It is utilized both in homes and offices. It increases[…]

What is Histogram and How to Make it In Excel?

What is histogram? Histogram is similar to bar chart. It helps to analyze data and gives the user the ability to sort data into grouping in a visual graph. It makes it easier for the user to identify different data, categories and frequency of occurrence. You can easily make histogram in MS Excel by using[…]

What to do “When Arrow Keys are not Working” in Excel?

Microsoft Office is the amazing software which includes applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. The functionality of every application is different and provides enormous benefit to the user. This software is very easy to use and if the user does not have the knowledge of coding then also it makes the common user[…]

How You Can Lock Formulas In MS Excel?

Microsoft Office is the software which includes many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access etc. All these applications perform different functions like formatting, editing, creating text documents; create spreadsheets and making professional presentation etc. You can install this software through This software provide user friendly interface and makes the[…]